Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Tiger-Federer Man Crush

Enjoying ones company is perfectly normal, but ogling over someone to the point that you’re paying fines is quite another.
This is what has been going on lately with Tiger Woods and Roger Federer, both the best in the world at what they do and both enjoying the largest man crush on the planet (maybe second to Peyton and Kenney).
I just don’t really believe that the two have handled this the correct way.
Sure, it would be easy to become friends with a person you can actually relate to. I mean, Tiger plays a sport where egos come as often as birdies. Kids in golf grow up thinking they are the most important person on the links, mostly because junior golf organizations treat them as such. To be good at the sport, you have to carry a certain bravado that makes you believe you can hit it straighter than the next Waldo and sink the putt that matters.
Tennis stars like Andy Roddick have displayed the same emotions in the yellow ball sport. Menacing actions create an intimidating atmosphere.
With that said, the two probably have a lot in common (besides the whole, Switzerland/America differences).
My only complaint is going beyond the line of “hey bud, wanna meet up for a beer” and “walking together awkwardly in hopes of making a news story.”
Remember, Tiger is probably the dorkiest superstar on the planet. Hanging out with dudes isn’t going to change that image


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