Thursday, April 5, 2007

The difference in Tiger and Mickey

There might be many things different about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Tiger went to Stanford, an academic and athletic haven, while Mickelson studied coeds at Arizona State. Tiger enjoys grilled chicken and broccoli while Mickelson is famous for his In-N-Out Burger fetish.

Maybe the biggest golf difference happened today in Augusta. Woods (who is bogeying 17 as i'm typing this) is near the top of the leaderboard while Mickelson shot himself in his Callaway spikes after the first day. Discounting Winged Foot (thinking about his dad, trying way too hard, not really 100 percent in the tournament), Tiger NEVER does that sort of thing.

76? Seriously?


Doug said...

Tiger and Mickey are the "old" guard. the new kids including Johnson don't seem to be afraid of the "old" boys any longer? Gonna be fun the nexyt few years. Also nice to see someone else play in bad weather and struggle. The PGA offers great courses in great conditions in great times of the year. Nice when they have to play in the Sh-- we have to play in.

Kickntrue said...

Isn't Johnson older than Woods?