Friday, June 15, 2007

H.C. Fownes is Still Most Hated Man In Golf

So, Day Two is underway and I just heard Chris Berman (is he really in the booth this week…what next, Tanya Harding) say that five-over was a “really good score through 27 holes.”

Would you really want to be known as the golf course that brings more talk about difficulty than golf shots? I guess the members at Oakmont enjoy it, but I promise you that smiling while others cry is one thing I learned not to do when I was a wee little golfer.

If you want to check out some Day Two themes, check out Sons of Sam Malone and read up on what you should anticipate over the next 12 hours.


Photo courtesy of John Biever/SI


Evan said...

The best part of the Berman commentary was the extra audio they were broadcasting on the webcast. They would come back to live audio about 15 seconds earlier on the web version than on TV, which I guess Chris wasn't aware of. So every commercial break (which involved starting at random patches on grass at Oakmont for the webcast) was abruptly ended by random exclamations by Berman. My personal favorite was when we were greeted by him excitedly saying, "Jimmy Buffet!" for no apparent reason.

dswinder said...

thanks for the link