Monday, July 16, 2007

Carnoustie, here we come....

...And awayyyyy, we go.

It is Monday of British Open week, arguably the most prestigious of all four major championships.

According to, the winds were swirling so bad today at Carnoustie Golf Links that Tiger Woods hit a 4-iron approach into a green from 112 yards and came up short. Umm, welcome to the East Coast of Scotland?

Throughout the week I’ll have different updates because unlike any other tournament the big boys play, I’ve actually teed it up at Carnoustie and experience a little of what these guys will go through.

I can’t promise that my “coverage” will be anything close to as good as that David Beckham commercial on ESPN (maybe the best of the year?), but I will try my best to tell you interesting things about Carnoustie without using these words – Jean, Van, De or Velde. Ok, so I’ll say one thing – I played the first 14 holes at Carnoustie at even par, before finishing like one-legged horse at the Preakness. What’d I make on 18? The same as the infamous Frenchman - Yummy!


John said...

I would say more like "welcome to golf the way the other 99.9999% of us play it."

Chris said...

When you started listing words not to use i thought for sure you would say Jean-Claude Van Damme.