Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Dernit, Another Freaking Bogey"

I will never root for an individual to fail (unless that individuals name starts with Vijay or ends with Singh), but you have to find a little humor in Phil Mickelson and his latest projectile vomiting.

Mickelson, riding on cruise control at the Scottish Open, made bogey on the 18th hole after a bad tee ball to get in a playoff with Gregory “Why Don’t you Just Gift Wrap the Trophy?” Havret.

In the first playoff hole, Schmickelson bogeyed the 18th again leading to a lot of French guys celebrating in awkward fashion.

Maybe the bigger story should be Havret taking home the victory and playing himself into Carnoustie and his first British Open, but it is hard to overlook the continued struggles of Phil.

The guy continues to David Copperfield the golf world, making us look at something brilliant while all these other things are going on in the background. At the Players Championship, we all thought Philly had once again found his form, and people were jumping back on the Lefty Bandwagon like it had free iphones in it.

Now we get another glimpse of what Mickelson brings to the table – tons of talent, a lot of bravado but not much ability to close (at least as of late).

The craziest thing – Mickelson has never won a European event, notching only one victory abroad that dates back to 1993.

To put that in perspective, Tiger Woods has accumulated nine victories worldwide in four less years as a professional.

Ladies and gentlemen, you must be this tall to ride this ride.


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