Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DTCC's Take on Gary Player

The announcement last week by Gary Player that steroids have found their way into the country clubs of our world shocked a lot of people and irritated a lot of professional golfers.

Some of the pros focusing on Carnoustie said they thought the comments were intrusive and unnecessary so close to a big event like the British Open.

The bottom line is that anyone that things steroids hasn't made its way on the golf course obviously doesn't understand the enticing nature of a pill that makes you automatically bulk up for less. Personally, I think steroids are too much - something that gives you an edge but takes away your dignity, honor and trust. If you decide to "cheat" with your workout, you are selling short the Tiger Woods and Carmillo Villegas' of the the golf world.

Golf, as s whole, is a polished sport, eclipsing anything else by a large margin. With the NFL dealing with players shooting up nightclubs and hosting dog fighting in their back yard, the NBA faced with a referee that fixes games and the MLB having to worry about this whole Barry Bonds situation, Gary Player's comments put the PGA Tour on the map.

In a way, it was explaining to the world that we aren't as clean as you think. Guys do shoot up for an advantage, and that isn't fair to the clean ones. Length in golf is the one advantage in golf that can't be changed. If I hit the ball further than you, I'm automatically at an advantage in numerous ways. To think that people really believe that steroids weren't going to eventually make its stamp on the PGA Tour obviously don't know much about the sport. Too much money is out there for guys not to look for the smallest aid on the big tours.

It's here, and the eventual positive tests will make Player look like Nostradamus, not the kid who cried wolf.


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