Saturday, July 21, 2007

Moving Day Defined

It’s moving day at the British, and as I can see, the “weather” that was blowing in must have been mild weather.

Chris DiMarco has already posted 66, moving up 26 spots to a tie for fifth and Steve Stricker is six-under on his round through 13 holes.

What I’ve seen of Tiger Woods so far, it looks like an identical round to yesterday sans the snap-hook on the first. El Tigre is two-under on his round through 15 holes, but it looks like with everyone making a move, one-under for the tournament isn’t going to do much for his positioning.

This week would be a perfect example of the expectations we have for Tiger. The guy is the best in the world and is currently in the top-15 of a major yet it’s disappointing.

Having a look at the leaders, Sergio Garcia is one-under for his round and cruising, making birdie on the same hole he hit a cold shank (shhhh) on yesterday.

The only hope Mr. Woods has at this point is that the wind picks up tremendously in about 45 minutes and never let up.

More to come…

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