Friday, July 20, 2007

Round Two Coming to A Slow Finish

I just watched six hours of British Open coverage and can't really remember one memorable golf shot. I would have to say that the best way to describe round two was it was there. You know, people shot better and made the cut, others shot worse and missed it, and Tiger Woods hit a snap-hook iron shot or he would be right in the mix.

Sergio Garcia played the round he needed to, shooting even par 71 to take a two-shot lead into the weekend. We have seen this before, but if El Nino can stick it out another day or so, it might be pretty interesting come Sunday.

The only thing I see really hurting Mr. Garcia is the fact that bad weather is on the horizon at Carnoustie. Everyone knows that Garcia can be rattled (remember all the waggles at Bethpage), and a few bad shots caused by weather could really knock him off his mental game.

The lasting shot of the second round might be Woods hitting range balls directly after his round. The big pull was the favored shot on the front, the block right was his miss on the back. Hopefully he can get it together so that waking up early will be worth brewing the Saturday morning coffee.

Credit: John Biever/SI

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