Monday, August 6, 2007

Reviewing Southern Hills - 2007 PGA Championship Week

The last major of the year begins this week, with your last chance to watch Phil Mickelson struggle on the links (only for two days!) and the last chance for Tiger Woods to notch a major.

With the majors being favorable to both first time winners and cigarette smokers this year, it will be interesting to see if a veteran can up his major total (that being Tiger) or if someone random hacker will again take home the Wanamaker Trophy. With the PGA Championship being the kindest of majors to first time winners (think Shaun Micheel and Richard Beem), it would make the most sense if someone like Ben Curtis notched his first major victory (Wait a minute...he's won one before? When? THE BRITISH OPEN!?! That has to be a typo).

It seems fair to say Tiger will most likely win, especially after he dry humped the field at Firestone. Woods struggled in the first round of the '01 Open, but bounced back from that 74 to finished 12th, seven shots behind the Goose.

(Random thought - Why did it take so long for Grey Goose to sponsor Retief? First, he's a clean cut, classy looking fellow. Second, he plays golf, the only true "sport" where most people drink alcohol before, during and after the round. Third, HIS LAST NAME IS GOOSEN! I mean, I'm not a Marketing major or anything, but wouldn't this be a fairly obvious move? It would be like Phil Knight decided to name his company "LeBron James-y" in 1972 instead of Nike and then passing him off to Reebok when he came into the league).

If I were to pick an early first-time winner, I would have to go with Andres Romero from Argentina. After finishing third at the British Open (the confidence builder), he won next week at Deutsche Bank Players' Championship of Europe and then finished sixth this past week at the Bridestone.

He's young, hits the ball forever and would make for an amazingly hilarious Gland Slam of Golf if two of the four golfers were speaking Spanish the entire time as Johnny Miller tries to translate.


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