Sunday, August 12, 2007


As Tiger makes his way to the 18th green, with 30 feet and three putts to secure his 13th major championship, you have to sit back and marvel at his greatness under the largest of pressures.

Sure, this time it was Woody Allen, a lesser known tour veteran that is probably best known for beating his own head in with his putter, but that is the most impressive thing - no matter what the randomness of people that compete against him, Tiger is always there, always impressive, always composed, and always the best.

This might have been the hardest for Tiger to win with a big lead, but that is probably just a respectable look at what Mr. Woods has done for this sport - take it from obscure hobby to worldwide love.

The different in Tiger and anybody else with a three shot lead on Sunday - did you ever really think that he was going to lose this thing? Was there ever any doubt, even after the three-putt bogey on 14? Hats off to The Swoosh - he never lets us down.

The last of good news for El Tigre - Boo Weekley was nowhere near his scorecard.

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maxx.wolfson said...

Woody Allen is on tour?

Kyle said...

So when can we expect a preview of the blatant Chase for the Cup ripoff, er...FedEx championship?