Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Swoosh vs. Some Guy Paid by the Swoosh

If Rory "Belt buckles are my calling" Sabbatini has ever had a chance to back up his ever-running mouth, this would be it.

The South African Wildcat (UA!) is sleeping on the lead at the Bridgestone Invitational over an always lurking Tiger Woods, who will play with Sabbatini and is only one shot back.

Woods has a couple of things going for him, none more than the fact that he owns Firestone Country Club like David Letterman owns one-liners, winning at the venue five times.

I see this as one of those made-for-Tiger moments, the time when everyone gives Sabbatini the edge for some crazy unknown reason and Woods just treats him like a Sam Alexis diaper.

Personally, I hope El Tiger dismantles the kid, proving once again that he is at his best when people aren't quite convinced of his ability.

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dswinder said...

great title, and I just noticed the new banner...looks good...