Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Best Thing For Golf

Personally, it is hard for me to root for Phil Mickelson to take out Tiger Woods in any golf event.

Mickelson just has never seemed real to me, always sporting a cheesy smile and plodding around faker than a playmates bust size. I used to think Lefty's story of never winning a major was endearing, but like the Red Sox, once the tape is finally broken you lose that pixie dust that made you interesting.

No matter my thoughts, Mickelson taking out Tiger was probably the best thing possible for a sport that is seeing it's huge investment, the Fedex Cup, feverishly treading water.

With Tiger missing the first event and guys like Steve Stricker and K.J. Choi battling for the inaugural playoff crown, top stories like the fall of Michigan and the race for baseball's post-season trumped golf.

With Mickelson's victory this past weekend, paired with Tiger nonetheless, 2008 will have some interesting themes to talk up during the cold months of goofy-golf events. Nobody has really had the opportunity to play with Tiger and beat him outright, something Phil did in an even that everyone was coining Tiger's tourney. I am never going to say that Tiger choked or that this means something, but it is interesting and somewhat refreshing to see Woods, well, lose. The guy doesn't lose. He's a golf machine, producing shot after shot exactly when he needs it.

Maybe with Mickelson's victory, people will see that Tiger can be taken down at times, even when it looks as though he'll run away with it. With this week being the third of the playoffs and Tiger in the field, look for him to try and show everyone again that he is always the one you should be afraid of.

Maybe these playoffs aren't so bad after all.

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Rory Sabbitini thinks this post is ripe for an upset.