Sunday, September 9, 2007

If I Wrote About Every Tiger Victory, This Would be My 60th Post

I hate to say this, but being a golf or tennis beat writer for a major magazine must be a pretty "Groundhog Day" type job. You wake up in the morning, check out Tiger Woods or Roger Federer and write a whole bunch of "amazing performance" and "never seen such dominance in the history of the sport."

Woods carded his 60th win at the BMW Championships today, making a bogey-free 63 look almost boring, painting the scoreboard a little more red than his opponents.

El Tigre had two bogeys and a double-bogey this week, meaning that he succeeded on 69 of the 72 holes of the tournament. Since complimenting Tiger's golf ability makes as much sense as sending Oprah your tax-return check, I've put together a few more stats that make his year a little more impressive.

41 - Number of rounds Tiger shot under par in 15 tournaments this season, 51.25% of his rounds.

29 - Number of rounds Tiger shot in the 60s this year.

10 - Number of times Tiger has shot over 72 in 2007.

1 - Number of times Tiger finished out of the top-25.

15 for 15 - Cuts made, imagine that.

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Txfan649 said...

about to be 61st post!