Monday, September 3, 2007

Tiger vs. Phil, and Some Other Guys Are Playing Too

it is Labor Day, which means nobody really does anything for some reason I'm still not familiar with. You have endless options, from eating some July 4th foods in September to pre-downloading the new Kenny Chesney CD (he's talented), to playing in the hometown golf scramble where you are sure to be paired with the 80-year-old lady that insists she hits her drive even after you've bombed one 315.

If none of those seem appealing, you can plop in front of the discolored flat-screen and enjoy what is sure to be a lot of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods and hardly any Brett Wetterich and Arron Oberholser (just wait until they string together bogeys). Honestly, I've never seen the sexy appeal of Tiger and Phil playing together, probably because Schmickey can't hold El Tigre's jock in his ever-growing Callaway golf bag, and Tiger just doesn't really care that much about Phil.

The good thing is that if Tiger takes the title (which almost seems inevitable even if he's three shots back), he'll notch his 60th win in 12 years. Again, I studied journalism in college (journalism major = lazy, Keystone Light degree), but I believe that equates to five wins a year. That is almost even more amazing if you look at his 1996 and 1998 seasons where he combined for just two wins.

Happy Labor Day to all - I hope you feel better than that guy that Andy Roddick just beat.


CSS said...

Wow what a game! Tiger isn't perfect - leaves me a glimmer of hope as a newbie golfer...

Kyle said...

Keystone Light major? Personally I was more of an Old Style guy -- Osco on Grant sold it for $5.99 a 12-pack.