Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

A lot of people didn't know this, but Sergio Garcia played his first Masters when he was a ripe 7-years-old. Pretty impressive feat if you ask me.

Getty Images

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

Dude, Tiger, nicccccce shirt.

Can I get one of those? I wonder who makes it. Really awesome.


Friday, December 19, 2008

A Very Good Interview With Anna Rawson

You know Anna Rawson, the attractive female golfer from Australia that just earned her LPGA tour card?

Well, FanHouser Will Brinson chatted with her and the interview is up. It is solid, with some insightful stuff about her take on Michelle Wie, her personal life and even what is on her iPod. Britney Spears -- IMAGINE THAT!

Check it out. Good Stuff.

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

Holy hell this picture is awesome.

I really hope Kenny Perry had a Natural Light after this photo.

Getty Images

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

Okay, I'm going to give you a chance to guess the three things that jumped out at me about this picture.


You have a minute or two.

Take your time.




1. Reebok not only sponsored golfers, but had THAT big of a logo on shirts?
2. Mullet + Stache = Overkill, even for Daly.
3. I bet the CC size of this club (which claims to be a "1") wouldn't equate to a seven wood in today's game.

Getty Images

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

It is still a little slow in the golf world, so here is a new little feature I'll try to update. Pictures of golfers when they were younger!!

Phil Mickelson, skinny as a pole???? Can't be!

Getty Images

Last Minute Gift For That Golfer Friend?

Sorry I have been missing the last week or so. I've been slammed with FanHouse stuff, Christmas stuff and what will be my second Vegas trip in 10 days. Trust me, I'm as tired of it as you are of reading it.

Anyway, I wanted to shoot this out to anyone that needs a last minute gift for that golf obsessed significant other.

"Paper Tiger" is a great book and is currently on sale on Amazon for $4.49. Buy it, the person will love it, and you won't spend more than a dime. BONUS!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Steve Williams Talks About the PGA Tour and Life

After the recent outbursts by soon-to-be-fired caddy Steve Williams, I thought it was worth pointing out some of his other takes on golfers. I've had these quotes for a while but never found a perfect time to use them. Here goes...

Steve Williams on John Daly -- "I could out-drink that pussy while driving my race car."

Steve Williams on Charles Howell III -- "I find it a novel idea to put how much you weigh, in pounds, after your first and last name."

Steve Williams on Vijay Singh -- "Keep hitting range balls, idiot. Those thousands of hours a year on the range is sure to help with that putting stroke of yours."

Steve Williams on Greg Norman -- "Die already, Greg."

Steve Williams on Jack Nicklaus -- "You too, Jack."

Steve Williams on Casey Martin -- "Lets try to see him win a U.S. Open on one leg."

Steve Williams on the Nationwide Tour -- "Cute tour, guys. Tiger would win every tournament by 11 shots and that isn't even an exaggeration."

Steve Williams on Michael Phelps -- "Try working out something other than your abs, you aquatic bitch."

Steve Williams on Charles Barkley -- "Yeah, I think he's funny. Reeeeal funny when you watch him lose $600,000 because the guy won't hit 16."

Steve Williams on George W. Bush -- "He once wanted a picture with Tiger at the White House. I broke the fuckers camera."

Steve Williams on Nuns -- "What is this, the Masters? Get a new outfit, bitches."

Steve Williams on Jesus -- "I heard the guy couldn't hit his long irons for shit.

Steve Williams on Christmas -- "Just another excuse to get shittier presents than Tiger gives me."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Things I've Written For FanHouse

Fred Couples and Paul Azinger be damned, the people have spoken, and we want Corey Pavin baby. [Corey Pavin is the New Paul Azinger]

The rapper Scarface, who used to drop the f-bomb more than "The Wire," has confessed that he is as dorky as we are, enjoying the occasional round of golf...daily. He also said he could kick Tiger's ass. So, that is fairly interesting. [Rapper Scarface Loves Golf, Says 'I Might Kick Tiger's Ass']

An Annika Sorenstam column about why I can't understand her retirement. The three comments are all from women telling me I don't understand their gender. Ummm, like I didn't know that already? [Why Is Annika Sorenstam Retiring Again?]

And my personal favorite -- Jack Nicklaus believes Greg Norman could contend at the Masters in 2009. I really can't understand this logic. It baffles me. Read it if you want my true opinion on the matter. [Jack Nicklaus Thinks Greg Norman Could Contend in '09 Masters]

Friday, December 12, 2008

Site News

Sorry I've been MIA. I was in Las Vegas working for AOL and now I'm getting life back together.

I'll be back next week. Until then, enjoy this photo. I have no idea what it is from.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Actually Owned One of These

The boys over at Golf.com were making fun of this today, which is funny because I got this once for Christmas.

Basically it is one of those presents that makes you realize why our country is in an economic crisis. A putting green around the John? Seriously?

It's $20 and you can order it here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Natalie Gulbis Interview

This past week I was fortunate enough to chat with Natalie Gulbis on the rotary phone for a few minutes.

The interview, about her charity work, if she'd ever consider playing on the PGA Tour and if she was dating anyone, went live today on FanHouse and I wanted to give you guys a shot to check it out.

Read it, enjoy it, and let me know what questions I forgot.
Michelle Wie keeps tearing it up, in second place with one round to go at LPGA Q-School. Woohooo!!! Go Michelle, you're bomb dot com.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can The Real Michelle Wie Please Stand Up? Wie Leads Q-School After 65

Well, that didn't take long.

Michelle Wie, like most men when they hang around Megan Fox, shot straight up the leaderboard today, with a 7-under 65 that has her leading the LPGA final stage of Q-School.

Wie's big knock was that she couldn't win, so I guess leading Q-school, what some call the most stressful test of golf alive, is a pretty solid start.

Sure, there are three rounds left, but Wie has herself in absolute perfect position to get her LPGA tour card for 2009.

Wie is in the clubhouse at 10-under with the Shiho Oyama, Barack's half sister.

Check out scores right here.

Wie Off to a Hot Start

Michelle Wie is taking full advantage of the easier golf course in final stage of LPGA Q-School.

Wie is two-under through six holes in her second round and in third place at Q-School.

You think Wie just wants to qualify? It looks like she might just win this damn thing.

Track her scores here.

MIchelle Wie Is On the Course In Round Two

Good morning all.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Michelle Wie is already on the course in her second round at LPGA Q-School. So far, the 19-year-old is even through her first hole! Hey, it's the round of her life!!! Wie started on the 10th hole today on the easier Champions course after shooting a three-under 69 on the tougher Legends Course at LPGA International.

You can follow her round and the action right here, and you can check in during the day with Dogs as I'll be trying to update her round as it continues.

Happy Thursday.

More Good News For Seve Ballesteros

More good news for Seve Ballesteros, who the AP is reporting was released from intensive care on Wednesday.

Seve Ballesteros was released from intensive care on Wednesday, a day after the five-time major winner underwent his fourth brain surgery to deal with a cancerous tumor.

Officials at Madrid's La Paz hospital said Ballesteros was ``well'' but would remain hospitalized after doctors implanted a valve to drain fluid from his brain on Tuesday.

Here is hoping things continue to look up for Seve. He is still one of my golfing role models, just because I wish I could make birdies from the trees and parking lots he used to do.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Michelle Wie Opens With 69, T-6 After First Day

Well, there you have it. Michelle Wie went through the day playing smart and picking her battles, firing a three-under 69 that has her t-6 after the first day at Q-school.

Wie has four more days of play, but if this first round is any indication, things are looking up and up for the 19-year-old.

Wie 2-under Through 10 Holes

Michelle Wie made another birdie and continues to move up the leaderboard in the first round of LPGA Qualifying School.

Like any player will tell you, the first round is mainly there to not shoot yourself in the foot. Wie has taken that approach and is now in 8th place through 10 holes.

We will keep you updated or you can follow her round here.

Wie Makes Her First Birdie!

Michelle Wie just made birdie on the 5th hole, moving to 1-under on the first day of Q-Schoool and in a tie for 11th. You can follow the scores right here if you'd like, or just call me.

Don't have my number? That sucks.

Wie's First Day of Final Stage

Just a reminder to all you golf freaks out there. Michelle Wie's run at the final stage of Q-School begins today. She tees off today at 10:47 AM EST, and you can follow live scoring at LPGA.com. Anna Rawson is also trying to qualify, and she's hot, so that is something.

We'll be updating Wie's round and such throughout the week, so check in and we will have some updates as her bogeys and birdies appear.

Adam Scott Did His Best David Duval Impression

No, that title isn't misleading. If you thought "pulling a David Duval" was failing to remember how to properly break 76, that is your problem, not mine.

This deals with Adam Scott and a little thing called "injurying yourself while doing something you probably should be avoiding." The Australian heartthrob (I have no idea what that means) injured his knee while surfing and will not be playing in the Australian PGA after previously committing to the event.

He went for a body surf and was making his way through the shallow water and twisted his knee a little bit," said Justin Cohen, Scott's manager.

"It's a very minor, little issue with his knee and we fully expect him to be back in action and ready to go for the Aussie Open next week.

Booooooooooring. He wasn't even up on a wave? He was just peddling through shallow water and twisted his knee? At least make it seem like you are tough with the report.

"Adam was actually up on a mammoth wave, staying on longer than anyone else until it caved on the young golfer, smashing him into some coral reef as he avoided a Great White that had a stingray in it's mouth."

See, that is extreme. Hurting yourself in shallow water is basically saying he jumped into a kiddy pool and twisted his knee.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Million Dollar Hole-in-One

Like Brinson said at FanHouse, this video is supposedly a month or so old but it is downright AWESOME to hear the crowd and watch the celebration after this guy make a hole-in-one for a million bucks. It was some Outback promotional thing and he canned it, even spinning it back to go in.

Watch, enjoy, and then call the guy and see if he will loan you a few bucks.

Remember Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist who used a whole bunch of money to play St. Andrews with his buddies (and take a private jet...cheeeeeeeap). Yeah, well, they are picking the second jury and the judge asked them, "Do any of you play golf?" Tiger Woods' Lance Armstrong disguise was quickly apprehended. [WaPo]

And You Thought Your Yips Were Bad

Our boy John Daly has had a fairly successful run of late, but Australia just doesn't seem to be his favorite continent.

Daly missed the cut last week at the Australian Masters and is tinkering with his putting like a crack addict might a Red Bull can.

"I'm trying new grips, trying to get my posture up, changing the lie and loft, everything I could possibly try, and nothing feels right,'' said Daly, who spent nearly three hours on the practice green Monday. ``It's just a matter of keep practicing and sooner or later something might click."

Hey John, I know putting sucks and you haven't been that great at it (195th on tour this year in putting average) but you seem to have found something the past few weeks and I don't think one tournament is means for blowing all that up.

Something might click? You shot 62 less than two weeks ago!!! What, did you kick those in or something?

Daly tees it up on Thursday at the Australia PGA, the same place he tossed his putter into the pond in 2002. Snorkel equipment, anyone?

"My record in Australia hasn't been great," Daly said of Australia.

You know when things just don't click, like Tony Kornheiser and Monday Night Football or me and Megan Fox? Well, Daly and Australia don't seem to mesh but the guy is still pushing through. Daly is planning on playing the Australian Open in Sydney next week, making it four tournaments in four weeks.

Putters beware.

Monday, December 1, 2008

FedEx Cup Goes With Another Boob Job (Insert Mickelson Joke Here)

2009 will be the third year of the FedEx Cup and boy what a treat it should be.

Basically, the FedEx Cup was pretty bland to start and hasn't done much to improve. The PGA Tour has again announced changes to the system. They are as follows.

Under the new formula, points that previously had been reset at the start of the four-tournament playoffs will not be changed until the Tour Championship, meaning all 30 players who qualify for the finale will have a mathematical chance to win.

Finchem said the top five in the standings at East Lake would win the FedEx Cup with a victory, while the next five in the standings also would have a reasonable chance by winning.

"I think we're moving in the right direction," Finchem said.

The changes were made because the last two years Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh could have played the Tour Championship lefty (which, I might add, Vijay is rather good at) and still won the FedEx. Now, it won't be reset until East Lake, which means only the top five have a chance but at least it will be entertaining.

My biggest problem with this is the whole idea behind the FedEx is that it is "bigger than one tournament." Well, this disproves that theory. Sure, you have to play well up until the Tour Championship to have a shot, but we all know the names at the top of the list. Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott will be shooting for the $10 million bonus. I know that the previous method to the FedEx was wrong, but what makes this right?

Oh, and they are revamping the point system. Here is what it is supposed to look like.

Meanwhile, the points system was reduced dramatically to simplify and make it easier for fans to keep track. This year, for example, the winner of a regular PGA Tour event earned 4,500 points, and Tiger Woods finished the regular season atop the standings with 22,695 points (even though he didn't play after the U.S. Open). With the new formula, he would have had 3,592 points.


Want to make it easier???? You win a tournament, you get 100 points. Second is 50 points, third is 25, fourth is 20, fifth is 10. That is it. I guarantee I'd understand it a helluva lot better.

Natalie Gulbis is Hot, Nice

Apparently after seeing Ben Roethlisberger naked for a number of months, Natalie Gulbis has decided to do something better with her time, and my is it nice of her.

Gulbis, along with RSM McGladrey, had a contest called "Who's Behind Your Success?" where people wrote in about who was their role model and a guy named Taylor Anderson won with an essay about his mom.

See, Taylor is paralyzed yet still plays this crazy game, a pretty impressive feat if you ask me (video here).

Ultimately, Taylor Anderson, a student at George Washington University won with a story about how his mother helped him succeed more than anybody else in his life. “Born paralyzed on my right side, I am an unlikely golfer but all my life my Mom encouraged me to reach for my goals.”

Taylor and Natalie will be meeting on December 7 in Las Vegas. They will play some golf, workout a little and then get some grub. Sounds like a fantastic Sunday to me.

That same day Natalie will be hosting a Special Olympics event because she is now the spokeswoman for RSM McGladrey’s Special Olympics partnership.

So much of my golf blogging time is spent writing stories about John Daly this and drunker Hooters that. It is a little refreshing, like the Chi Tea I am consuming right now, to be able to write about famous athletes with a heart. Good for you Natalie. I guess we don't just have the University of Arizona in common (meaning I have a good heart -- in case you didn't get that or believed it).

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Steve Williams Says Tiger Is Actually GREAT At Hitting Fairways

There are caddies on the PGA Tour and then there is Steve Williams. In case you are really drunk, Williams is Tiger Woods' caddy and is basically as good as it comes with a bag toter.

Williams keeps his own notes on every shot during rounds and said that to him, Tiger hits about 65 percent of his fairways. Obviously that number, by rule, is incorrect. Tiger is ranked 157th on tour in driving accuracy, finding the fairway about 59 percent of the time. Williams says his numbers are skewed to make up for Tiger's distance off the tee.

"For example, most of the courses we play will have a couple of driveable par 4s for Tiger. He might hit it in the greenside bunker, but it's a great shot, or he might hit a great tee shot that doesn't end up on the fairway and people think it's a missed fairway."

Similarly, Woods might cut a sharp dog-leg with his driver on a par 5 or long par 4. It won't end up on the fairway, but might give him an easier shot to the green.

The PGA might record a missed fairway, "but in my book it's a hit," said Williams. "Just like if he misses a green by two inches, but he knows he hit a great shot, so we count it as a green hit. While the PGA stats are accurate, it's not necessarily what we look at."

That isn't even the craziest stat Williams has found. He said if Tiger avoids a single three-putt in 72 holes, the standard length of a PGA Tour tournament, Woods wins 90 percent of the time.

Whatever the truth about Woods' driving accuracy, Williams says the most interesting statistic relates to putting. When Woods doesn't three-putt over a 72-hole stretch, he will win the tournament 90 per cent of the time - and that's a goal they strive for.

I would have to say that is incredibly insane (though I'm sure it is correct). Tiger is so good it makes me sick. Steve, it appears, might be right there with him.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Skins Game Was Today

I think K.J. Choi is leading, but honestly, I don't really care. Phil Mickelson did hit an amazing shot on one of the par-5s.

Wooohooooo, Thanksgiving weekend -- where livers go to die!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Only Reason Golfers Should Be Giving Thanks -- February is Only Two Months Away

Yep. That is the only reason. February is when Tiger Woods could be back. Consider yourself thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't eat yourself silly.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Quick Links For Ya

Golf.com did a pretty good interview with Steve Flesch about what needs to change with the FedEx Cup. Sadly, there was no mention of "bringing Shane Bacon in to fire up the crowd." Jerks. [Golf.com]

I wrote this up at FanHouse, but Stuart Appleby called John Daly out on being a "train wreck" before the Big Miller Lite tees it up this week in Australia. The quotes are actually fairly fantastic. [FanHouse]

Monday, November 24, 2008

As sponsors go, General Motors and Tiger Woods were buddy-buddy up there with Nike and Gatorade. Now, General Motors has decided to drop Woods at the end of this year, a move that could force Tiger to file for bankruptcy since he will be so poor. Or not. One of the two. [FanHouse]

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Guess the LPGA Does Have A Sense of Humor

So you think retiring from the LPGA is all roses and champagne showers? Well, you better think again.

Annika Sorenstam, fresh off a missed cut in her final LPGA tournament, was picked "randomly" for a drug test following her round. Whoever "randomly" picks these things deserves a big hug from either Lewis Black or Patton Oswalt.

An LPGA official told Sorenstam shortly after her second and final round at the ADT Championship that she needed to submit to a random test, which Sorenstam said was her second in recent weeks.

``I really don't know what's going on,'' Sorenstam said. ``They're not going to let me go (away).''

People have speculated that Annika did 'roids for a while, mainly because she is good at sports and that normally constitutes steroid use. That or the time she out-drove Fred Funk. One of the two.
Ummm, John Daly shot an eight-under 62 in the final round at that Hong Kong tournament. A 62. Like, almost 61. I wrote about it at FanHouse so check it out. [FanHouse]

The Tiger Woods Sportscenter Commercial

Since golf is still in slow mode, I dug this up from a few years ago. "Sportscenter" combined with the best advertiser ever is sure to be a hit. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

You're Kidding Me, Right?

This is the headline to the story in question -- "Faldo open to Ryder Cup return."

Now I know what you're thinking and let me making it perfectly clear right this second -- we are not talking about Waldo Geraldo Faldo, Shawn Harrison's character in "Family Matters." He does not want to captain the European Ryder Cup team (mainly because he isn't a big golfer, not a real person and is from America).

This is Nick Faldo. The same guy that made more bad decisions in this last Ryder Cup than Britney Spears during the years 2005-2008 (or when I downloaded "Love Lockdown" on my computer...boy does that song suck some serious ass).

Anyway, rumors are circling that Nick Faldo is interested in captaining again.

Imagine the raised eyebrows, then, when Faldo said yesterday that he would happily take on the role again should the players' committee look in his direction early next year when the captain is chosen for the 2010 match at Celtic Manor, Newport.

So, yeah, pretty awesome. I hope he comes back and decides to not just bench Sergio Garcia for all the Friday and Saturday matches, but punches J.K. Rowling on live television.

Yep, Just Like When I was 14

Some kid named Jason Hak pissed me off yesterday. He's 14 and he made the cut in the European Tour's Hong Kong Open, becoming the youngest player to ever make the cut in a European Tour event.

Hey Jason, go pop a pimple or something. Jerk.

Fourteen-year-old Jason Hak shot a 70 in each of the first two rounds at his home tournament, the $2.5 million Hong Kong Open, just making the even-par 140 cut at the end of the second round.

Garcia was 15 years and 46 days old when he made the cut at the Turespana Open Mediterrania in Valencia, Spain in 1995.

Yeah, so I guess that is pretty good. I still don't like him. Not one bit. What is he going to do, beat me up? He's 14.

Stuart Franklin, Getty Images

Well, That Sure Didn't End Well

You know how Annika Sorenstam was playing in her last LPGA tournament this week at the ADT Championship and everyone with a golf brain wrote a huge thing about it because she was awesome at golf?

Yeah, well Annika decided to repay us by missing the cut.

The 72-time tour winner shot a 3-over par 75 on Friday at the ADT Championship, leaving her 5 over through two rounds of the LPGA's season-ending event. Only 16 players advanced to the third round in the 32-woman event, and Sorenstam finished two shots out of that mix.

You know, a lot of scenarios could have played out but her missing the cut didn't really seem to be one of them. I guess when it is time to go, it is time to go and Annika made that abundantly clear with her play this week.

"All of a sudden, the time is here," Sorenstam said. "You're standing there on the 18th fairway and it's your last approach shot in an LPGA event. A lot of thoughts go through your head ... and what's been the coolest thing this week is all these people who showed up that I don't know, my fans."

So, there you have it. Annika Sorenstam, retired LPGA golfer. I'd give it about 8 months before she's back. Anyone want the over?

(Also, if you were interested...this Getty Images picture by Scott Halleran has the following caption -- "Annika Sorenstam of Sweden is showered with champagne by her sister Charlotta on the 18th green after she completed her last official LPGA event." How stupid is her sister? Showering her with champagne after she missed the cut? Why not just punch her in the face? Seems to make about as much sense.)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dan Patrick talked to J.P. Hayes, the dude that disqualified himself from second stage of PGA Tour Qualifying School. If you get past the annoying ads that basically SCREAM at you to start the show, the interview is rather interesting. [Dan Patrick Show]

Phil Mickelson Speaks of Tiger Woods, Admits To Missing the Big Guy

Maybe the dorkiest rivalry in all of sports is Tiger Woods versus Phil Mickelson.

Woods wipes the floor with Lefty in every tournament and the only thing that has ever come up as "rivalry" talk is the "I can fly it by him now" bullshit that Mickelson spit out a few years ago when Woods was changing up his swing.

Well, it turns out Phil missed Tiger and wants him back. I'm not sure why, unless Phil's main goal of 2009 is to "not win a lot of tournaments." Tiger should help out with that.

"The entire golf world cannot wait for his return. I miss him as a player. I miss him as a person. And I miss trying to track him down because that is always a great challenge."

Yeah, trying to track him down? Listen, I think Phil is probably a fine guy and all, but the man is more fake than a pair of tits at Olive & Ivy on Thursdays. Seriously dude, we know you want to be the top dog, but the only reason you're saying this is because nobody gives you any credit when Tiger is not in the field.

Also, speaking of Mickelson, he said he's dedicating this season to putting. WTF? Am I missing something? Shouldn't you dedicate every season to putting? Sigh.

Hey, A Fun John Daly Game!

I pose this question before I get into the heart of this story. Which is more believable to you the reader?

A.) John Daly eats 211 wings, breaks record at Abilene, Texas Hooters.
B.) John Daly gets hitched to ex-girlfriend of Hank Williams Jr.
C.) John Daly shoots a 68 at the Hong Kong Open, four shots back of leader.
D.) John Daly lands sponsorship deal with Bang Bus.

Honestly, if you picked "C" you probably haven't followed Big John much this season. The guy has been as stable as a prop plane in the Bermuda Triangle.

I guess for one day, Daly found a little of that game that made him famous. The big hitting Daly fired a two-under 68 and is tied for 16th at the Hong Kong Open, a European Tour event.

Daly's best finish this season was a t-40, so obviously any consistent play at this point is welcomed from Camp Hooters.

If you believe it, amidst all the crazy "drunk at Hooters" news, Daly has been posting some decent scores. His last three tournaments on the PGA Tour has seen Big John fire a round of 67 or lower. Sure, he's followed that up with some ugly 73s and such, but at least he can still go low. That is, go low in golf, not limbo. I wouldn't even make my worst enemy watch that.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Was a Sack Today, I Apologize

Yeah, I know, there is golf stuff going on and I have been absolutely invisible. Well, on Dogs that is. I want to apologize. For all of you, I will do this -- you get to view this page for two more months free before I ask for dollars per page clicks. That is how I roll.

Anyway, here are a couple stories I wrote over at FanHouse today. Also, this story I wrote yesterday about the White House? Yeah, Stewart Cink's mom called me out on it. It's in the comments! Check it out!

--That whole J.P. Hayes story you have probably hear 35 times by now. Basically the guy played a prototype Titleist ball that was non-conforming in Q-School and was disqualified. A rather noble story, really, except for the part that makes you want to kinda kill yourself.

--Annika Sorenstam's last LPGA tournament is this week. I wrote a little tribute about her career here. I think you might enjoy it, especially if you are a fan of rather humorless stories about Annika Sorenstam. Please don't break your mouse clicking too hard.

I promise I'll be back on my game tomorrow. Consider yourself warned.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ryder Cup team visited the White House. Well, seven of the 12 players visited the White House. The other five said, when I called each, "Ain't no way I'm going there to meet that SCUMBAG!"* [FanHouse]

* -- a lie

Monday, November 17, 2008

Michael Jordan to Play Bethpage in the U.S. Open Challenge

Face it -- you miss Michael Jordan in your life. Gambling, playing baseball and occasionally doing decent things on the basketball court, we can all agree any MJ is better than no MJ.

Good news, he's decided to appear on that Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge thing next year at Bethpage Black. An indexed 1.4 handicap, Jordan looks to be the Tony Romo ringer for the event that will pit Jordan, Justin Timberlake and another celebrity (I'm hoping Cameron Diaz...rarrr) with some random dude that will attempt to break 100 on the toughest golf course in our country (I honestly can't say the toughest in the world because I played The Dukes in St. Andrews and that golf course is the hardest thing that has ever been built and you will never convince me otherwise. Honestly, I couldn't break 80 there if the thing was on 15 holes.)

So, yeah, Jordan will be a part of this next year, and so could you. If you want, you have to submit some essay and you can do so right here. Just write that you know me. That'll make you a shoe-in.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not sure you heard this, but a couple of Sky Sports announcers confused Anthony Kim for a Chinese person, even though he isn't Chinese at all. I wrote it up for FanHouse and let me tell you -- a lot of the people in the comments are not happy with the article. Ehhhh, please don't hate me too?? [FanHouse]

Compton Missed Third Stage By One Measly Shot

Golf is cruel, we all agree on that. We have a guy in Erik Compton that was basically a Hollywood script come to life, taking step-by-baby step to the PGA Tour after two heart replacements and historically no chance.

Compton was the feel good story of the millennium, advancing past the first stage with a final round 68 that didn't include a bogey and had him making up seven shots to keep his dreams of a PGA Tour card alive.

After opening the second stage at Southern Hills Plantation Club with two-under 70s, Compton did one better with a three-under 69 and had himself in the top-20, a place you need to be to find yourself in the all-important final stage of Q-School.

The pressure or the situation or just the mean spirited golf gods didn't have it in their cards yesterday, as Compton fired a one-over 73 that caused Erik to miss out by a single shot.

One shot over 72 holes. Possibly one shot over his entire life. Range balls, putting sessions, junior tournaments, college golf and mini-tour tussles were all rolled into this and it came down to a single shot. I guess you could say that's golf. I say, that sucks.

I guess we could stay positive and remember how much this man exceeded our expectations. I guess as the saying goes, there is always next year. Good run, Mr. Compton. We were all rooting for you.

Marc Serota, Getty Images

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another 70 For Compton, Still In Position to Advance to Third Stage

Erik Compton just will not go away.

The man with two heart transplants fired another round of 70 yesterday, putting the 28-year-old in a t-16 after the second round, well ahead of the 20 spots that advance to the third and final round of PGA Tour Qualifying School.

Compton fired a 70 yesterday
and is in position to continue the momentum he's been rolling with other the last three weeks.

You can follow his third round right here if you'd like.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ian Poulter is making a lot of sense. Instead of getting a new driver after his was jacked, the guy has offered up £1500 for someone to return it on Ebay. Yep, sounds about right. [FanHouse]

Tiger Woods Goes Back to College As A Baseball Player

I wrote this over at FanHouse, so go check out my article, but I had to post the picture.

Also, this came from Brahsome, which is a good blog and is funny and makes me laugh. Check it out as well.

Erik Compton Continues To Roll, Fires 2-under 70 In First Round of Second Stage

This guy was never supposed to make it this far. Not in golf, not in life, not in anything.

Erik Compton, playing on his third heart after two successful heart transplants, needed a four-under 68 in the final round of first stage of PGA Tour Qualifying School just to get to second stage, and with a little added confidence has yet to look back.

Compton fired a 2-under 70 to find himself in a t-19, just ahead of the 20 spots that advance to that all-important last stage of Q-School. His round included four birdies, two bogeys and what I'm assuming is a lot of fan support.

The 28-year-old continues play today at Southern Hills Plantation Course in Brooksville, Florida, and you can follow his round right here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gear You Need to Buy -- Personalized Golf Pride Golf Grips

Since Christmas is right around the corner and everyone has that golfing buddy or dad that is impossible to buy for here, might I suggest a practical gift that he might love.

It's the Golf Pride Personalized Grip, and they are awesome.

First, they come in different styles so you aren't stuck with any old grip, and you can get the writing in whatever style you'd like (well, whatever style they offer, but there is more than just one).

Second, it sure helps if you leave a golf club out of the course. Unlike those annoying sticky notes that you put on the iron shaft, these things have your name on them and actually don't distract.

The great folks over at Golf Pride sent me a set with the website name on them and I'm a big fan. I'm a huge combo wrap guy, and since blue is my favorite color I've decided these are just about as good as it gets.

Honestly, check them out if you have a chance. It might be the perfect gift for your pops or boyfriend, and you don't even have to spend a fortune. Packages start at $59.99.

Check 'em out

It Appears Ian Poulter Only Has One Driver He Enjoys

You know, golf clubs are like family if you can actually find one you like. Sure, you might put a putter away like you do your grandmother in the trunk of you car, but you see that putter every once in a while and put her back in the bag.

Well, Ian Poulter agrees with me and has decided to pull out of the Singapore Open after his driver was jacked in China. Those damn Chinese and their stealing techniques! Always going for the big boys!

I find it interesting that Cobra wouldn't...

A.) Have a Cobra truck at the event to make him another driver.
B.) DHL one over night to the poor guy.
C.) Have the CEO fly one out since Poulter is probably the most recognizable guy using the product.

I guess this is why I'm a lonely blogger and those guys run companies. Our economic structure -- getting stronger day by day.
If a Pro-V1 golf ball and a Callaway golf ball got in a fight, who do you think would win? Well, it's obviously Callaway. Duh. [The Shop]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girl Stable After Stealing A Golf Cart And Then Having a Friend Hit Her With It

If you've ever played golf, you know the truth wrath of Karma.

Well, a 17-year-old girl just found out the true wrath of Karma with golf....carts.

Police said the girl, who was not identified, was injured about 11:50 p.m. after falling off the front bumper of a moving 2008 Club Car inside Smokerise subdivision.

Police said the cart was being operated by Allison Patricia Gair, 17, of Peachtree City. Gair, the girl who was injured and another juvenile had spent the night at a friend’s house and took the cart without the owner’s permission, police said.

The accident victim was treated at the scene by Peachtree City emergency services personnel before being air-lifted to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. Police are still investigating and no charges have been filed yet.

Well, it's good she's okay. Golf cart wrecks do suck.

You know, I had a buddy that once owned a three-wheel golf cart before they discontinued making them. There was a big hill on the second hold at my golf course that you'd hit down into a lot because, well, we sucked back then. Kyle used to drive that three-wheeler down there and every so often he'd flip that bad boy. I still can't understand why they stopped making them.



Did you know Kim Jong-Il is better at golf than Tiger Woods? I know this because I read the Internet and everything online is true. Look, it is right here in this 2004 article by the World Tribune.

Kim Jong-Il > Tiger Woods at golf. Incredible.

Interesting Headline of the Week

Every once in a while I come across a headline that makes me laugh for reasons the headline artist (we call them headtists) probably didn't want.

Today we have Golf.com's headline on a story about Sergio Garcia and his future. The link and headline reads, "No. 2 Garcia now aims at major wins and Tiger."

While the headline shouldn't get all the blame, Sergio should. His quote in the story had me scratching my head with a 4-inch nail.

``I think my next goal is trying to win a major,'' Garcia said Monday.

Hummmm. Well, call me crazy, but I thought Sergio was trying to win a major the last few years. You know, with all those seconds and British Open playoffs and such. I mean, maybe he was just trying to finish in the top-5 without winning a major just to prep himself for that quote.

Wait, is Sergio smarter than we all initially thought? He had this whole thing planned out like a television series? What a jerk.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wait, Davis Love III Is Still Alive?!?!?!?

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to post about the Davis Love III win, but blame it on the McCarren Airport deciding a Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to shut down two runways, thus leaving me with a dead laptop, a dead cell phone and the inability to get back in time for Sunday Night Football.

Anyway, it appears Love won some PGA Tour event called the, get ready for it, Children's Miracle Network Classic presented by Wal-Mart for his 20th victory of his career thus a lifetime exemption the PGA Tour.

Honestly, I have always loved Davis Love, mainly because who hates a guy that has persuaded two of the better sponsors in golf, Polo and Titleist, to remain on board all these years when he continually underachieves.

Love has only won one major championship in his career and hadn't carded a victory in more than two years, but his win at the CMNCPBWM (For short) got him that precious 20-win lifetime that only Tiger, Mickelson and Vijay have as active players.

The only disappointing part of this story is the fact that he beat out Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey, who would have earned two years on tour, thus making one of my buddies the maddest person in America. "Why the hell does he wear two gloves? What a moron," my friend always says. Seeing his face red is one of the better parts of my day.

Also, I just wanted to point out that if I ever win the CMNCPBWM, I will probably have more than one freaking Getty Images picture with Mickey Mouse. I guarantee I would take my immaturity to a completely different level with Mickey and some cameras.

"Hey Mick, grab my ass."

Marc Serota, Getty Images
Will Barack Obama continue the tradition of bogey-making presidents? [FanHouse]

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anthony Kim Was Disqualified From the HSBC For Altering His Driver

In golf, rules are rules, even if they are very, very dumb. Lucky for us Anthony Kim had a situation that reminded us how truly out there they really are.

At the HSBC Champions in Shanghi, Kim was swinging his driver around as he walked down a fairway and hit the toe of the club to a sprinkler. While nothing was initially seen as wrong, Kim pulled out his driver on the 8th hole and hit it a whopping 150 yards and out of bounds, something obviously bizarre for a long bomber like Kim.

At the eighth, he hit his first drive only 150 yards, and out of bounds. He then hit a second provisional shot - also poorly. He took a triple-bogey 8 on the hole and played two more before he found a rules official, who told him he must disqualify himself for playing with an altered club.

Kim was disqualified under rule 4-3b, said Andy McFee, European tour referee.

Yeah, that is stupid and all but golf rules are golf rules for a reason. Like I've mentioned before, when I used to play on the American Junior Golf Association the officials would carry around this dictionary sized situation book for all the possible scenarios one might encounter in a round of golf. While the rules of golf are thorough, they do not exactly make each situation crystal clear and this is obviously one of them.

While adding improper weight or a laser beam in the putter face might be illegal for obvious reasons, a ding on the driver that hindered the golfer shouldn't be a penalty or a disqualification.

This is the obvious time where I point, with much hesitation, to that old Rick Reilly column about the caddy error. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm Calling Bullshit

Dude, whatever. Nobody makes five hole-in-ones in one week, no matter if you're luckier than Hugh Hefner in a rub and tug. it just doesn't happen. I'm sorry bro. Not buying this.

Now comes news of Curt Hocker, a 22-year-old from El Paso, Ill., who from Oct. 29 through Nov. 4 claims to have made five aces at El Paso Golf Club (he has witnesses for each). "If somebody told me they made five holes in one in a week, even on a par-3 course, I'd say 'No way'," Hocker told the Peoria (Ill.) Journal Star. "It's unbelievable. I'm just stunned. There's nothing I can say, other than it's unreal.”

Give credit to the Journal Star reporter who “spoke to everyone I could at the club, trying to get a sense if freak week in fact happened.” His conclusion: If it didn’t happen, “it's an incredibly complex hoax involving more than 30 people.”

Honestly, I don't carry a lot of juice, but if need be, I could pull together 30 of my dumbest best friends to lie about a story. It's like the time I fooled around with my ex-girlfriends aunt. What friend wouldn't cover for such a story? It's awesome.

Anyway, I have played a lot of golf and can honestly say, nobody in this world has the ability or the luck or the whateverittakes to do this. I'm not buying it. Tell your story walking Curt Hocker, if that's your real name.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anthony Kim is in second place with Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson besides falling off a freaking horse in the last week. I have a lot of things to help your short game, falling off a horse not being one of them. [Live Scoring]

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tiger Speaks Of Knee, Says Nothing

In typical Tiger Woods fashion, reports came up on his little website about the knee, with basically the exact same thing he's been saying for three months.

I'd stay away from energy drinks over the next 45 seconds because the excitement from this quote with the added push from a Red Bull might just do you in for good.

"The knee is progressing." Woods said. "I'm working hard every day and there have been no setbacks. I've actually started to do a little chipping and putting, but no full swings. That's not going to happen until early next year."

So, did you get that you annoying, stupid critics? His knee is fine. FINE! FINE I TELL YOU!!!!! HE WILL WIN EVERY TOURNAMENT IN 2009 AND YOU KNOW IT! HE'S TIGER F-ING WOODS!!!!

Whew, got a little carried away there. Sorry folks.

(On a side note, while tooling around Getty Images for a picture, the one above came up when typing in "Tiger Woods wife." Now, I love Tiger, think he is a great athlete and a lot of fun and good for all sports, but to find out he drinks Miller Lite has basically made me want to marry him and give him presents on every day of the year. A Miller Lite guy? Really?!?! Tiger, you're honestly as good as it gets.)

Doug Benc, Getty Images

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

7-Year-Old Dies From Brother's Golf Shot To the Head

A pretty sad story that was reported on Sunday. A 7-year-old girl died from a tee shot her brother hit that struck her in the head.

Casey Gauthreaux of Louisiana was hit in the head two weeks ago by a shot from her 14-year-old brother Andrew, which eventually was too much for the young girl's body to endure.

The saddest part of the story comes with the prognoses of Casey. The young girl was said to be doing a lot better after surgery, but just wasn't going to pull through, and the parents (get ready for this) had to take her off the ventilator. Sigh.

“Kevin and I had to make the hardest decision ever,” the journal reads. “We are taking her off the vent tomorrow. Knowing how much Casey loved life, we knew this would not be fair to her to live the rest of her life like this.

“As I look at her, I know she is not there any longer. When I thought she was giving me ‘sweet eyes,’ I realize now she was telling me she was going to be OK, and I needed to let her go.”

A lot of times we think that sports (raises hand) or failed relationships (raises hand even higher) or even the election is the biggest deal in our lives, and then we read things like this and realize some people have it a helluva lot worse.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Gauthreaux family.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Augusta National Doing Some Minor Fall Tweaking

Back before Augusta National decided to make the golf course longer than the Nile River, the talk of changes to the course was one of the better talking points when golf was on hiatus.

"Did you hear they were adding rough?" "I can't believe they are putting in more trees to the left of 17!" "Wow, we need to do more with our lives when we sit around and discuss a golf course we will never play."

Well, Augusta announced they are tweaking the sanctuary a little, and by a little, I mean a little.

The back portion of the first tee will be moved up seven yards, mostly to make some room for the galleries to pass between the putting green and Numero Uno.

Also, 10 yards were added to the tee on the 7th and the front of the 15th.

I know, I know, it is sad to see such a treasure given such a nasty face lift, but can we all agree not to rush the gates in April? Done and done.

Oh, was that the Masters we were talking about? Seems like the perfect time to bring you a pretty fun Masters moment. I think you have probably seen this shot.

Phil Mickelson said he isn't totally committed to being a full fledged member of the European Tour in 2009. Well, he said that and then he didn't say it. Pretty Mickelson-y, to be honest. [FanHouse]


Listen, I know this is a golf blog that has nothing to with politics, but I wanted to take the time away to advice anyone and everyone to get off your tailbone and go to the polls.

I'm only 24, so maybe I'm the wrong to be advising anyone on anything, but a lot of my friends have commented on the pain of having to go to the polls or dealing with the long lines. Listen, it might take an hour, it might take longer, but is that really going to be the reason you avoid the biggest election in my lifetime and many others?

Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Joe Six Pack, Joe the Senator -- who cares, just go out, check a box, read the propositions and try to go with what you believe in.

I promise you'll feel a lot better tomorrow if you let your voice be heard.

Okay, back to making fun of Sergio Garcia. GO VOTE!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

John Daly explains the Hooters debacle. I promise, it's worth reading. [FanHouse]

Justin Timberlake Is Now a Member of Callaway

If the next CD Justin Timberlake comes out with has a ton of Callaway Golf references, you'll know why.

The guy that bangs every hot girl in Los Angeles signed a deal with Callaway, adding to his continued push to be a factor in the golf world.

There’s nothing like hitting the ball perfectly—I’m hooked on that feeling," Timberlake said. "With Callaway’s help, I’m hoping to experience that more often."

Yeah, that and the fact that they're probably paying you a few million bucks.

Can I give you a piece of advice, Justin? Do not continue to drink yourself into oblivion, thus losing your Callaway deal and eventually be arrested at a Hooters. Someone has already did that and it didn't work out so well.

So, there you have it. Timberlake is now bringing Eli back.

The New Titleist Driver Is Solid

When it comes to products, I'm fairly biased and am not scared to admit it. I like Titleist above all other products, mainly because I think the performance clubs fit my game better and because I'm a little traditionalist in the golf course. I have played the Tour Balata, the Professional, the Tour Prestige and now I'm a Pro-V1x guy through and through.

That is why, two days ago, I picked up one of the new 909 D2 drivers by Titleist. Since I'm left-handed, they only had it in a stock shaft, so until I have five minutes to drive north to Hot Stix and get a stiffer shaft put in, this is what I will deal with.

Let me tell you, the new drivers are incredible. I basically was hitting a long, soft fade with the driver all day until I needed the left-to-right draw, which the club can produce. I thought the weight was spot-on, the head was large but not too big and the feel of it was what I was hoping for.

Anyway, it's Sunday with no real golf to speak of, so I thought it was worth noting that the new Titleist stuff is great.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Man That Was A Great Masters -- Part 2

Sorry, but I can't make myself go away from 1986. This was the birdie putt that secured the thing for Jack Nicklaus, the birdie on 17.

The funny thing about the 17th hole to me, is that nobody really does anything special on this hole. While it isn't anything special, especially at a place like Augusta, it is one of those that most winners just try to make a par on and go to the 18th.

Also, "Yessss sirrrrr" was one of the better simple sports calls of all time, you can't argue that. The putter raise as the ball went in and then that call was absolutely awesome.

Here it is, the putt for Jack.

I'm in the midst of moving, so my Internet scouring is limited, but I wanted to pass along the best story I've read all day, from my good buddy* Ryan Wilson over at FanHouse. Honestly, the fact that this painter wouldn't do a portrait of Colin Montgomerie because of his man boobs wins over the John Daly story. Thank you kind sir.

*=Have actually never met him

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Umm, Does This Picture Really Need a Headline?

Some stories are just too good to be true. John Daly, a blogger's best friend, had been too quiet far too long, so why not go get some drinks at the local Hooters and get so hammered they toss you in the drunk tank?

Daly was at the Hooters in Winston-Salem and was so drunk he had to be treated by the EMS and eventually jailed to sober up. The story gets better -- the Hooters waiters and waitresses were so annoyed with the drunk Daly they asked him to leave. His own sponsors told him to get the hell out!

Police officers were called at 2:17 a.m. to the Hooters at 120 Hanes Square Circle on a medical call. When officers arrived, Daly, who had earlier lost consciousness, was being treated by EMS.

Daly "appeared extremely intoxicated and uncooperative," police stated in a news release. Daly repeatedly refused to be escorted to the hospital and was eventually asked to leave the restaurant by workers there.

You know, if that doesn't sound like a two-time major winner, I don't know what does.

From all the blogging outlets around this beautiful world, I wanted to extend a thanks to Mr. Daly for all the page views. We appreciate your service John. Christmas morning doesn't look this sweet.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Two stories we put together for FanHouse. Check 'em out.

This is about a golfer that was on his third heart and trying to battle through PGA Tour Q-School. His name is Erik Compton and he had to make up seven shots just to get it to the second stage of Q-School. This was the story before the final two rounds. More on him tomorrow. [FanHouse]

This was put together today, about a neighbor of Winged Foot that forced a Supreme Court justice to issue a restraining order on one of the holes. [FanHouse]

Man That Was A Great Masters -- Part 1

This is the dog days of golf season, the time when most players are vacation or grinding it out in lesser known tournaments to try and make a check. It is the time when we in the golf blogger world try and find anything and everything to gain page views so our sponsors (points up, points to the right) don't yell at us (I'm sensitive).

Anyway, here is a little thing we are planning on doing. This is the 1986 Masters, my favorite golf tournament of all time and pretty much the best comeback in any sport ever in the history of all sports ever ever ever ever ever. Can you tell how much I like it?

Well, we're off. This is the 16th that final day at Augusta. Jack Nicklaus hits a decent shot here. Enjoy.

A NY Times columnist had the chance to join 25 other regular guys to play a round with Tiger Woods. In related news, I now hate Bill Pennington. [NY Times]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mr. Triple-Bogey To Retire From Competitive Golf

When speaking of epic collapses, none come to mind quicker and harder than the Jean Van de Velde 18th hole at Carnoustie in 1999. My parents have a great story about the experience. Standing in front of a television in a Mississippi airport, my parents and sister (all golf fans by trade) stared directly at the TV in a wonderment that might never be matched.

What the hell is this guy doing?

Van de Velde said in an interview
this week that he will retire from the game of golf, saying "It's not like I'm going to stop playing completely but I'm definitely going to slow down a lot."

The 42-year-old Frenchman will forever be remembered for Carnoustie, but a lot forget how well he took the defeat and how much it pushed him into notoriety. Two wins in his career, including a European Tour victory in 2006, Van de Velde compared his golf to, what else would a Frenchman use, a bottle of wine.

"My career I can compare to a good bottle of wine. You take a glass and enjoy it; you take a second glass and really enjoy it; a third, then the bottle is getting empty.

"I've been going around the world for so many years and at the end of the day you can only do so much. Next year I will only play the tournaments I really enjoy.

So, to honor our favorite French golfer today, here it is, that nasty 18th hole. Basically you can watch all 5 minutes of this video and never think once "WHAT IS THIS GUY THINKING!?!!?!" Also, the fist pump for triple is my favorite fist pump of all time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jason Sobel Interviews Tiger Woods

Jason Sobel of ESPN sat down with Tiger Woods to talk about a few golf related things (surprise!). Watch the video and after are a few of the key things he said.

Asked if he was itching to get back on the course, Tiger responded, "Not really, not really at all, That is one of the surprising things about it, because if i did come back as of right now i wouldn't be very good because one I'm so limited, i can't do anything all i can do is just putt or hit a chip shot, big deal, anyone can do that, as far as making full swings I'm really not allowed to do that."

When Jason asked him about his confidence in returning for the Masters, Tiger responded, "Very confident."

Monday, October 20, 2008

Maybe A Little Short-Sighted?

This is the headline for a story about Mike Weir on PGATour.com.

Since his '07 Presidents Cup run, Mike Weir's career has flourished. The high point may have come last year in Arizona.

This is the Dictionary.com definition of flourished -- To grow well or luxuriantly; thrive.

So, one win since 2007 compared to seven wins and a FREAKING MASTERS before 2007? Maybe flourished is the wrong choice of words.

Awkward Picture of the Week

This is Justin Timberlake and winner of his tournament, Marc Turnesa. This thing just screams prom status.

Marc Feldman, Getty Images

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Camilo Villegas' Uncle Shot Dead

It seems like only bad news is coming out of the golf world right now. We have back surgery, a brain tumor and now a family death.

Camilo Villegas, who won the last two events of the real PGA Tour schedule, found out his uncle had been shot and killed during a robbery attempt at his uncle's coffee trading enterprise.

Ernesto Villegas Zuluaga, 56, was killed when two armed men entered his coffee trading enterprise demanding money and he jumped on one of them, according to senior Caldas state official Henry Murillo.

The news is Camilo plans to fly back home for the funeral of his uncle (who was also his godfather).

We hate to hear this and Camilo, we all will try to keep you in our thoughts.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nothing like more old guys having surgery news! Tom Watson, winner of eight major championships, had successful hip replacement surgery on October 2 and is said to be doing hot hot hot! [ESPN]

Hot Much, Zach Johnson?

Zach Johnson won last week for the first time this season by closing with rounds of 62-64. His year had been pretty much wasted until the victory at the Valero Texas Open, so what does the former Masters champion do?

Oh, not too much, he just made 10 birdies today and no bogeys on his way to a 62 at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open (Whew). In his last three rounds on the PGA Tour, Johnson has made 25 birdies in 54 holes. Umm, wow?
In case you were wondering, the AT&T National, Tiger's event, will move to Philadelphia for 2010-2011. This is to give Congressional, the course originally hosting the event, time to work on the course for the 2011 U.S. Open. Also, who doesn't love a little Liberty Bell? [PGATour.com]

Jim Furyk Won the Grand Slam Of Golf Even Though He Didn't Win A Major This Season

The Grand Slam of Golf concluded yesterday and it was actually a fantastic finish to a seemingly pointless event.

Jim Furyk, who got an invite from Rule 345b that states "if included major championship winner shall not be avaliable because of an injury to his knee, kneecap, or ear, the player to include will be the U.S. Open winner from five years previous," won the thing with a birdie-eagle finish. Furyk needed a birdie to beat an actual major winner, Padraig Harrington, on the 18th hole to force a playoff and then went ahead and cashed an eagle to take the event and, cough cough, $600,000.

You know, I'm a little disappointed they didn't call me for this. Sure, I'm not on the PGA Tour, but I sure as hell could use $600,000 more than Furyk. Plus, I think my swing is prettier and I also didn't win a major championship this year (shocking, I know). If they had called me, I think I would have done it, if work would have let me off.

The good thing is Furyk, a fellow Wildcat, admitted he had no reason to be there.

"It's kind of a wonder that I'm even in the event to start with. So I kind of treated the week like I had nothing to lose. Rarely do I kind of go in just thinking about having fun."

You know what's pretty fun? Winning $600,000. (Oh, and that jacket...how much fun is that? He's even laughing while wearing the thing. He's got that "Wow, I just got you guys good" look on his face. Gotta love Jim Furyk.)

Seve's Surgery Not So Smooth, In Stable Condition After Complications

After 51-year-old Seve Ballesteros had brain surgery yesterday to remove a brain tumor, initial reports were that the five-time major winner was in solid condition.

Well, it turns out there were some complications, with Seve experiencing some pressure in his head that led to doctors removing a portion of his skull. Wow.

Doctors removed a piece of Ballesteros' skull to relieve pressure that was building up on the brain following Tuesday's surgery. The hospital said in a statement that the 51-year-old former golf star is stable but still in intensive care.

On Tuesday, doctors removed a sizable part of Ballesteros' tumor. It was not immediately known if it was malignant.

The hospital said Ballesteros had presented a "decreased level of consciousness by brain swelling," adding that a decompressive craniotomy had been carried out.

Decompressive craniotomy involves part of the skull being removed to allow a swelling brain room to expand. Doctors say it is not uncommon after such operations.

Since a lot of people use the saying "it's not brain surgery" when discussing a complicated or intelligent situation, actual brain surgery is pretty intense. The fact that this is a common occurrence seems even more intense than the initial procedure, but all is well if Seve is stable.

There is still no word on the tumor being malignant, but when the report hits the presses I'll get it up as soon as possible.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seve Has Brain Surgery To Remove Tumor

Well, the first step is over to Seve Ballesteros with a successful surgery today to remove the tumor in his brain. The word from the Madrid hospital is Seve is in stable condition after a successful surgery.

Test will be conducted so it will still be a few days before it is known if the tumor was malignant but for now Seve is doing fine, which is good news for all golf fans.

"At the moment he is conscious and stable, although he will not be able to receive any visitors in the coming days until he has recovered from the surgical process," the hospital said in a statement.

The hospital said Ballesteros was in the intensive care unit. It said there would be no further statements about him until he is moved from the unit, most likely next week.

I couldn't imagine the waiting game to find out if this is life threatening or all good, but we at DTCC will shoot as many positive thoughts as possible to the La Paz hospital.

Should the PGA Of America Scrap the Grand Slam of Golf?

The Grand Slam of Golf is going on right now, an event intended for all the major winners of the year to compete to see who is the BEST. So, basically, it's every other golf tournament in the world, only with four people instead of 150.

Yesterday, Padraig Harrington, who won both the British Open and the PGA Championship, shot a 2-under 68 to tie Jim Furyk. Yep, Furyk, the man with his lone major victory coming five years ago! The other members of the Slam are Retief Goosen, who finished 108th in the FedEx Cup point standings, and Trevor Immelman, who won the Masters.

So, with that group in mind, is it a worthwhile idea to just scrap the entire tournament? Face it, Tiger Woods never plays in this thing, Phil Mickelson skips it as well, and if you don't have those two in a four person event, you might as well hire a clown to get the crowds excited.

The idea had a lot of pull back when money was a factor, but these guys don't care about that. Their time is more valued in other places, not at some "made for TV" that isn't even popular on the television.

Also, what is the point in just throwing in random golfers to fill the spots? Why not just have Immelman and Harrington play heads up and see who wins? Why do Furyk and Goosen get a chance to compete when they didn't really do anything this year?

I just think the concept is a little past the times. Back when it was about money it was fine, but now it is just another week that is wasted on the golf tour. In terms of being silly, I guess that season started yesterday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Could St. Andrews Be History in 2050?

For golf enthusiasts, here is some depressing news -- the Old Course at St. Andrews, the most famous golf course in the world, could be history by 2050.

According to Professor Jan Bebbington, the director of the St Andrews Sustainability Institute, climate changes could cause the Old Course to be sucked in by the sea. Wow, that sure puts that Coldplay song into a whole different perspective.

She said the old course, which is right on the sea, could be destroyed by strong storm surges caused by climate change unless protection is put in place.

"There is a lot of coastal erosion going on already because of stronger storms," she said. "I wanted to use something iconic to demonstrate what we stand to lose."

Talk about a loss. Not only is it the most famous golf course, but host to the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse along with some other incredible courses in the area. The Jubilee and New Course at St. Andrews actually sit closer to the ocean, so a storm would surely wipe those out if it took out the Old. Also, you're talking about the new Castle Course up the coast along with Kingsbarns, the Pebble Beach of Scotland.

Bebbington didn't just stop there with the bad news. She continues to bark about all the horrible things that might happen over the next 40 years. I'm a little scared, not going to lie.

rof Bebbington said even if Scotland manages to cut carbon emissions by 80 per cent, as proposed in new legislation, the country will have to prepare for climate change - unless the rest of the world also manges to reduce greenhouse gases significantly.

She said Scotland will have to prepare for more severe winter storms, flooding and rising sea levels by co-ordinating a "managed retreat from vulnerable coastal locations".

Yep, global warming and such is a lot closer than we probably once realized and when you hear things like this it hits home. It especially hits home with me because I was lucky enough to work at the Old Course and lived in the town for a summer. The place is Fifth Avenue for golfers, full of courses and bars and golf gear and all of it. If we lost a place like that, golf would never be the same.