Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Hey Dipshit, golf season has started."

So my best buddy sent me an email tonight saying those words above, urging me to start up the 'ol golf blog since the words "Tiger wins" has already crept into our 2008 vocabulary.

Yep, you guessed it, El Tigre put on a performance pretty worthy of passing one of the greatest golf legends of all time, Arnold "Ice Tea and Lemonade please" Palmer, on the all-time wins list.

Mr. Woods picked a pretty good week to explain to the world that he is still the most dominant person in all of sports. His buddy, Roger Federer, who has dominated tennis since 2003, lost to the new cup of tea this past weekend at the Australian Open. People could argue that Federer has been more dominate than Tiger at his respective sport over the past five years, but Tiger has surfed this wave since he joined the circuit in 1996 and continues to do things that nobody sees coming.

I mean, think about it - Tiger, Mr. Middle of the Road, actually said that he felt the Grand Slam was in reach this year. Can you believe it?

With the Buick Open win, Tiger was the only person the entire week to shoot four rounds below par. Tiger had only one bogey through the first three rounds, leading the field in birdies, putts per round, putts per greens in regulation and sand saves. People always talk about his power and his length off the tee (chicks dig the long ball), but he let the aspects of golf around the green do all the talking at Torrey Pines.

Enough gushing, Tiger is the man and everyone knows this. During the break from the site, we had Tiger take home the Fedex Cup (woo hoo), the tour decide to drug test everyone (Tiger, watch out), Mickelson continue to be REALLY Oprah-like weird and Tiger win the Target World Challenge after taking two months off. Also, everyone had to endure the "made for the media" lynching comment that made everyone in sports sigh at the exhausting coverage of such a meaningless argument over an innocent slip-up. I guess to me, mistakes happen and you accept them, but you have to look at someone like Kelly Tilghman and KNOW she didn't mean any ill will when she said what she said. People in America joke about stupid stuff like this all the time but when it comes up on The Golf Channel about Tiger it deserves national response? Ok, Tiger is black. Yeah, lynching happened eons ago. Sure, white people were known to lynch black people. Guess what, it's 2008 and I'm a young white guy and I like black people. This is the case for a majority of the world because we're actually growing up and moving on with the whole "you're skin is a different color, you must be inferior" ideal that was a black eye in the history of our humanity. Bad news for all the people that freaked out - people used to think the world was flat, people used to burn people because they were "witches," and people died of smallpox and diarrhea instead of AIDS and cancer. Things evolve, people change and sometimes the younger generation says things that aren't a big deal to us because we don't believe in that anymore. Kudos to Tiger for the way he handled it - "Yeah, she didn't mean anything by it, I don't care." You have to love his grasp of reality.

Anyway, sorry for my rant of a paragraph, but nobody ever hears from the younger generation in these matters because every columnist is older than peanut butter and jellies and only gives the world one point of view.

I'll be updating it more now that the real golf has started and be trying to bring you more of a fresh golf perspective that makes you not want to mute your TV when Nick Faldo is talking like a drunk step-father.


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