Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Two weeks is one and a half week too much

If terms of sports hype, the Super Bowl makes every other sporting event obsolete. Even in the title of the game you know that it will be SUPER, giraffe necks above anything else that considers itself a "big game."

Most of the reason for this is the build-up, a two week media orgy that allows every sports personality worth his weight in airline peanuts to weigh in on some angle or another. The problem - this, ummm, sucks.

You know those old images of two circus hands slamming the posts into the ground, alternating blows as some eerie music is playing in the background that is almost too creepy for children? Yeah, just imagine Mike and Mike as your conglomerate sports media (you know, if Greenberg could actually pick up a sledgehammer) and the post being everyone with ears.

So, we avoided the perfect storm, two weeks of Tom Brady vs. Brett Favre, Hall of Famer versus, well, Hall of Famer. I guess what I wasn't expecting is that for some reason, Brady would do this to us with the ankle, making the view of any sports show a walking, breathing webmd.com. Could you imagine if he had crutches shoved under his armpits? We'd probably have Emmitt and the boys using crutches on those little mini-football fields to show exactly the right procedure to use them to perfection.

As a sports fan entering his mid-20s, it is becoming harder and harder to pay attention to all that happens because of how beat to the turf the coverage is. No, I don't care about Brady's ankle. Nope, I don't care at all if the Giants wore black suits when they got off the plane in Phoenix. Absolutely no chance I even give a slight eyebrow raise to know that this linebacker feels they have no chance or this guy has the flu.

Patriots are 18-0, Giants Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtled themselves out of the sewer to make it to the game, Eli might not suck. That's all - Sunday couldn't come soon enough.

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Hey man, we missed you. Where you been, outer Mongolia? Welcome back to the blog world.