Monday, February 18, 2008

Notes From the Golfing Weekend

Disclaimer - This will be the only time a picture of David Duval headlines the page unless he kills his new wife or kills Tiger in his sleep.

A couple of final notes from the Northern Trust Open -

-J.B. Holmes, who was renting the top-spot on the Fedex Cup Standings until Tiger returns from vacation, finished in the top-10 for the second time this year after his playoff win over Phillip Mickelson at the FBR Open.

-Steve Marino, made famous by his third-round 59 in the Gateway Championship in '06, decided to go the other way in the final round Sunday. Marino, looking to make another good check, had three double-bogeys, two bogeys and a birdie on his final nine holes to finish in a disappointing T-49th.

-David Duval withdrew, sighting "inability to produce anything resembling a golf swing" after the first round. Duval played 11 holes on Thursday, making three pars, one birdie and the rest were ugly numbers. This was Duval's fourth tournament in '08, not yet making a check.

-For some reason, the LPGA tournament in Hawaii was only three rounds long. I'm assuming this was so the ladies could catch the entire All-star game?? Anyway, our own favorite golfer, Erica Blasberg, tied for eighth place, her best finish on the LPGA and respectable after being paired with Annikan Skywalker the last day.

-Just like the Friday game I used to play in at Dobson Ranch in Mesa, Mickelson helicoptered from home to Rivieria all week for Northern Trust. I guess sleeping next to a smoking hot blond you have no business next to in your own bed is the best way to prepare for the week.


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