Thursday, February 7, 2008

Simmons MIA?

I know that enjoying Bill Simmons sports guy columns is a popularity that has come and gone, but I will admit to still reading all his material as it comes up. One reason is I love rolling my eyes at his undying love for Bostons sports and the other is enjoying his insight into the NBA. Bottom line - he knows pro basketball as well as anyone.

So, after confessing numerous times of his love for the ESPN trade machine and discussing different destinations for numerous key players, where the hell has he been the past ten days with all this action going around? Seriously, you can be big enough to go to a Tom Brady party and such, but this stuff merits a column. I hate this saying, but he does owe it to his "fans." People still gush over his sports diction and when he's writing about NBA, he's at his best.

The thing is, he could even combine the two extremes. One would include the fact that the Western conference is becoming scarier and scarier and that does not bode well for his Celtics. The other is that it seems some of these moves look to be direct links to the overhaul of Boston. It appears now that a team that would struggle to contain a player like Kevin Garnett (the Lakers) have made the appropriate move to throw different looks at him. Couldn't Simmons expand on points like that?

Also, Shaq and Marcus Banks were included in his worst contracts portion of his Trade Value column along with this interesting sentence about Shawn Merion.

"Still, it's hard to imagine any other veteran forward fitting in better with Nash and the Suns."

I'm not one to call out columnist for lack of copy or material, but I think you need to step to the plate when you're the proverbial voice of ESPN.


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