Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whom Would You Rather Be?

In case you didn't know, the past year or so has produced some rather high profile athletes in sketchy situations. Yeah, it wasn't the Vikings Boat Party of The Palace Melee, this was serious shit with serious federal reach-arounds. So, of all the people listed below, whom would you rather be?

Micheal Vick - It has to suck when you're greatest sporting accomplishment is losing the National Championship game. Vick's been called on for herpes, trying to carry pot on an airplane and is now serving 23 months for dogfighting and such. Hey, at least he has some backing in prison.

Roger Clemens - Dude pitched great for a long time - problem is, steroids are illegal (whoda thunk it?). Anyway, when the FBI is getting involved and you're the front page story on, things aren't looking good. Also, your name will forever be linked to steriods, lies, butt blood and butt lumps - never a good thing.

John Rocker - You're racist, sexist, a moron and will be best known in my generation as a guy mocked by Deadspin. Hey, at least you look good in a sexy shirt!

Pacman Jones - First, your name is Pacman. Second, you took "making it rain" to a completely different level. Third, you went from successful NFL star to this.

So, which would you rather be? Tough choice if you ask me.


Kyle said...

Add another to Clemens' list: he didn't throw his wife under the bus, but he smiled and nodded as she voluntarily laid down under the bus.

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