Thursday, March 20, 2008

Golf is On, Like Anyone Cares At All

I'm going to be typing this post as fast as possible, mainly because I want to check golf for about eight seconds today, then back to college basketball and the possibility of gray hairs starting at 24.

Anyway, blah blah blah, Geoff Ogilvy is leading after a scolding seven-under 65 at the Bridgestone Invitational.

(Just FYI, I went to click over a tab to check more scores, and accidentally went to my big ESPN Tournament Challenge Pool, and was about to write, "In second play is the JV Squad with 30 points" until I remembered this is still about golf.)

So, Tiger Woods is three-under through 13, which means he'll probably shoot 66. Phil Mickelson is in a tie for second with a five-under 67 and that is about all you want to know about that.

Golf is great to watch on any weekend, with Masters weekend taking my prize as best sports event of the year. The problem is - nothing makes your blood pump like watching these teams fight for another day.

P.S. This Marquette game is making me go batty.

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puzzle17 said...

Well, I kinda of agree with you. Except that I am sick at my stomach I didn't even check scores until everyone was off the course. Reason, my favorite golfer is in the lead and I missed the enjoyment of following along all day because I too have been watching the hoops all day!! I'll keep my eye on both tomorrow. And its not blah blah blah to me!!!