Monday, March 24, 2008

In Honor of the Tiger Run

Since Tiger Woods streak of five straight PGA Tour wins is finally dead to us, I thought it would be worth throwing out a couple of insane numbers from those five tourneys.

First, you have to note that all the numbers, except money, are for just four tournaments, since one was the match-play with no official scores. Also, note that we're not including the 22-under performance, including a second round 62, that Tiger posted at the Target World Challenge. Ok, got it, lets go.

-74 - Amount of strokes under par El Tigre was in the four stroke play events he won. Yeah, 74-under, not a typo.

2 out of 16 - rounds in the 70s Tiger shot over the stretch.

10 out of 16 - rounds Tiger shot 66 or lower.

2 - Rounds of 63 Tiger shot over the stretch.

5,850,000 - Amount Tiger won over the five tournament stretch.

So, that is fairly impressive. Also, Tiger has almost twice as many FedEx Cup points as second place, Phil Mickelson, in three less tournaments. Nice swing, Tiger.

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John said...

My Dad and I were watching the delayed fourth round yesterday and he commented that Tiger always seems very upset about something.

I said, "you know, if you were Tiger, and you were basically better at what you do than ANYONE IS AT ANYTHING, I'd think you'd smile a bit more."

We debated for a bit and came to the conclusion that his blip at the WGC aside - a "blip" which means he'll finish, what, fourth? - Tiger Woods is more good at golf than anyone in the world is good at anything.

It's kinda scary, really.