Monday, March 3, 2008

Recapping the "Weekend"

You ever go on one of those vacations where you have a great time, knock back a beer or two*, and then have the early Monday morning flight, only to hate yourself around 10:43 AM and wish you could just go home sick? Yeah, welcome to my Monday.

Anyway, the weekend was packed with a lot of "action," including an amazing end-of-game call by Kevin O'Neill over in Tucson and a win by a golfer that has been doing charity work in the poor areas of Russia for the past three years.

If you didn't watch the Arizona-UCLA game, you missed a few amazing things. One, the Wildcats actually looked like a basketball team that could compete as long as three things happened.

3.) The other team plays bad.
2.) You have a performance from a guy that had looked like a corpse the past month.
1.) You're at home and the Senior Day festivities makes the 80-year-old folks in the crowd extra excited.

I'd also like to point this out, and I want you to think long and hard about it. If Arizona as a program isn't the worst last-second possession team in the history of college basketball, can someone point out the arguable opponent? Throw out Salim Stoudamire, who made just about any shot from any point on the court, and tell me the last game winning shot the Wildcats even attempting, much less made. Jesus, it's like watching a blind dog try to find its way through an ill-placed doggy door. It's sad, you know it isn't going to end well, but you have to watch.

I had the following exchange with a friend after the Wildcats, who had 6 seconds left, threw the ball into Kirk Fucking Walters.

Me: Are you at all surprised?
Friend: Honestly, if I was in the huddle and the coach told me that we were going to inbound the ball to Walters, I would have just stayed on the bench.
Me: If you were Jerryd Bayless would you just take the rest of the year off and start training for the draft?
Friend: Don't worry, he only has three more games left.

Not to be all Bill Simmons on you, but there you are, your 2008 Arizona Wildcats!

The golfer in question was Ernie Els, who won some golf tournament at some course I'm assuming was in America. I couldn't even tell you the golf tournament at this point or who he beat. Is it Friday Yet?

* - lies

Photo courtesy of jeffry scott / arizona daily star


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