Monday, March 24, 2008

The Tavistock Cup? WTF....

I went home today for lunch, was flipping through the vast world of television channels Comcast sends me, and saw "golf" on one of the HD channels.

I clicked on it, and it was "LIVE coverage" and Tiger was hitting a bunker shot.

Now I don't know a lot, but I'm pretty sure Tiger doesn't play a lot of golf on Monday. Like usual I was wrong, and they're playing something called the Tavistock Cup or something like that.

It must be pretty cool because if you make a hole-in-one on one of the par-3s you win a $55,000 golf swing simulator. Now you're talking my language!!!

According to Wikipedia, The Tavistock Cup is, "a unique team event that pits the touring golf professional members of Isleworth Golf & Country Club verses their counterparts at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club."

Oh, ok, now I got it.

Two big questions I have about this thing.

First, when did this thing start and how did I not know about it?

Second, how in the hell do they get these touring pros to play in this thing on a Monday and Tuesday? Tiger charges Dubai like three million to even show up, and he's playing in this thing? What next, pairing with me in the Dobson Summer Sizzler?

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Adam C said...

Ok. Tiger woods and others play in the Tavistock cup which is a yearly two day event that is between Isleworth and Lake Nona country clubs. They teams are made up of members of both country clubs. Tiger is a member at Isleworth and Ernie Els is a member at Lake Nona. Both Clubs are owned by Joe Lewis who owns the "Tavistock Group". The tournament is very private because it is not open to the public. It often includes celebs and the head of corporations as guests. As you probably seen this year on tv the crowd was wearing Blue or red representing their allegiance to each club.