Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tiger Can Hit Golf Ball Far, Baseball? Not So Much.

So, you know Tiger Woods. Best in the world at golf, most dominant athlete, married a model, really good at chipping, not so much at high-fiving.

Anyway, El Tigre played some golf with John SMoltz, Jeff Francouer and Tom Glavine on Wednesday and according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution went for batting practice after the 18 holes.

The report said Tiger struck out twice, walked once and hit a "single" against Smoltz.

My favorite part of the story - "I've got the second baseman making that play," pitching coach Roger McDowell deadpanned.

Jesus Roger, maybe chill out a little. I mean, this was what some would call a "fun experiment."

If Mickelson, Ernie or Vijay had been tipped off, I promise Smoltz would have been wired some cash to bean Woods.

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Txfan649 said...

Let's show some hero worship, shall we, ladies?