Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tiger Likes To Win Majors, Surprisingly

Much to my astonishment, it was revealed by Bob Harig over at ESPN that Tiger Woods likes to win majors.

"You can win every tournament for the entire year, but if you go 0-for-4 in the major championships -- you don't really get remembered for the number of wins in a career. It's the number of wins in major championships. Those are the biggest events."

Well, aren't we on a fairly high horse Mr. Tiger Woods. What about the little people that measure their careers on the petty, human-like performance of taking out the Buick Invitational? Um huh, maybe you're forgetting guys like David Toms or Ben Curtis? Career-defining-performance.

I still find it funny when people say Tiger "under-performed" in a major by finishing second.


John said...

The Buick, specifically, may not have been the best example to make this argument...

Shane B. said...

yes...maybe change it to, ummmm, well....the Tucson Open?