Monday, March 3, 2008

T.O. and Moss, together?

Unfortunately, during my lunch break today I went home and had Chipotle, and I'm so beat I just turned on ESPN and didn't change the channel. The unfortunate part? "Best of Mike and Mike" was running.

Mike Greenberg made a point that the Cowboys should be seriously considering adding Randy Moss to their team to pair him with Terrell Owens, essentially making the best one-two combo for receivers in the history of football.

First, I was a little pissed about the overlook of T.O. already being on a team with Jerry Rice, even if Rice was past his prime during the match-up. I mean, don't you have to give credit where credit is due?

The other problem deals with the psychotic twins. On one side I do believe that Moss has grown up, especially landing on a team like the Patriots last year for that stretch of great football. No matter how big an egg they laid in the Super Bowl, the 18 wins were pretty incredible for Moss and Brady, especially after the second week when every team decided they weren't going to let Moss beat them (and he still did).

The problem is T.O. The guy is crazy, and by crazy, I mean he judged a model shoot this weekend and now is considering modeling himself. No way would a guy like T.O. be able to handle splitting time with a receiver who is better than he. One thing Moss is decent at - not dropping easy passes.

Could you imagine the storm that would brew in Dallas? Crazy overpowering owner, pushover coach, aww-shucks quarterback that hasn't ever won a big game, and two alpha-male recievers. It doesn't look like it might work.

I would say that was the worst argument of the day in my 20 minutes watching ESPN, but on that "First and 10" show or whatever it's called, some guy that looks like he's a twin said that Yao Ming is the best center in the NBA without argument. You take Yao, I'll take Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum. Bring your checkbook.


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