Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Round-Up

This weekend had it all - a few college basketball games including some big rivalry or something, a young guy notching his second PGA Tour victory and Shaq doing his own Superman impression.

With the UNC-Duke game, it is clear that the Blue Devils, like everyone already knows, wins when they make it from outside and lose when they're cold. Even as much as I root against Duke in general, it is impressive how Greg Paulus has reversed the general publics opinion of him. He went from that guy that picked basketball over football to a point guard that really struggled to lead his team to a player that takes over games, especially with his range and ability to hit jumpers off the screen. I'd take Paulus first if he was at 24-Hour Fitness this afternoon, no doubt about it.

Sean O'Hair won the PODS Championship yesterday, needing a little help from Stewart Cink and his newfound ability to get crushed on Sundays. Cink shot a three-over 74 after making birdies on his first two holes Sunday, a collapse that included a double-bogey on the hardest hole of the week at Innsbrook, the par-4 16th.

The Suns beat the Spurs, which was most important to the public in reminding them that Phoenix still had a basketball team. Shaq and Steve Nash both had double-doubles, Shaq with points and assists as Nash did it with rebounds and blocks. Impressive group effort.

Also, I attended my first figure skating championships hockey game this weekend as the Avs hosted the Stars. I have to say, for pro sports, fans get into hockey as much as anything, way more than the Denver faithful do for their beloved Nuggets. I can honestly tell you I've never watched an entire hockey game, but being there was interesting and made me appreciate the sport more. Would have been cool if the guys could have at least had one freakin' fight. Dammit.

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John said...

"Shaq and Steve Nash both had double-doubles, Shaq with points and assists as Nash did it with rebounds and blocks."

Now, I admit I'm not a huge fan of the NBA, and I haven't looked at the box score, but are we sure that isn't the other way around? Because if Steve Nash is putting up double digits in blocked shots something is seriously wrong.

Almost as wrong as, say, Stewart Cink repeatedly tossing up 4-foot bricks on the back nine on Sunday. Poor bastard.