Monday, April 21, 2008

Could Ochoa make a Cut on the PGA Tour?

Lorena Ochoa won yesterday. If I wrote a lot about the LPGA (which I don't), that would be the fourth straight week I typed that on a Monday.

Ochoa made three bogeys all week to go with her 5,460 22 birdies.

Here is my question - could Ochoa make the cut on the PGA Tour in a wimpy, weak field?

Her driving average is 277.5 (which, in comparison, would be two yards longer than the field average at the Verizon Heritage this week), and would have her ahead of people like Chris Dimarco, Steve Flesch and Jim Furyk on the driving distance leaderboard for the year.

So, she hits the ball as far, has a scoring average this year that is a shade under 68 (67.87) and is winning at a phenomenal rate right now, notching four of the first five LPGA tournaments of the season.

I know it is stupid to compare boys and girls, but as far as she hits it and as good as she hits it, the argument could be made that she might have a chance to "compete" on the PGA Tour.

It all boils down to her comfortableness with the situation, but if she could approach a PGA Tour tournament the same way she does playing with the skirts, I think making the cut would be well within grasp.

And don't forget the most compelling argument - Ochoa kinda looks like a man.

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Azile said...

Well, that was certainly a little bit of a nasty comment from a fellow former Wildcat!!