Monday, April 14, 2008

Immelman, Best and Worst of the Week

Trevor Immelman obviously did a ton of good stuff over the course of four days to win the green jacket by three shots over Mr. Tiger Woods. Here are his best and worst moments of Masters week, a damn impressive performance by a rather unknown golfer.


Par 4s - Immelman broke a Masters record by going 10-under par on the par-4s. He only bogeyed one (ONE!) par-4 all week, the first hole on Sunday.

First three rounds - Two bogeys in the first three rounds at Augusta National? Tough to beat that.

Par putt on 11 - In my opinion, his best shot of the week and second most important shot on Sunday. If he misses that a few things happen. First, he has to stand on 12 tee knowing he just gave one away, not what you want on one of the toughest par-3s in major championship history to figure out. Second, Tiger Woods is back in the hunt for real. Third, he isn't ridding the wave of confidence from that save.

Bunker shot on 17 - This is one of those exhale heavily type golf shots when you know you might have wrapped it up. I think he believed he hit a great shot from the fairway, so to get that up and down was so important. The Masters were over with that save.


Tee shot on One - Talk about nerves. I'm pretty sure Trevor was excited to walk away from that hole with just a bogey.

Birdie putt on seven - He sticks an iron so close he has a chance to take a five shot lead into the eighth hole, and he doesn't even touch the hole. If this was one of those NBA commercials, you'd say "Masters Sunday...where yips happen." I'm also convinced it led to a bogey on 8.

Tee shot on 16 - I'm pretty sure this is Stage Three on those Bob Rotella choke jobs. He has all the world to make bogey to the right and double crosses the hell out of the iron shot. The best part - the announcers were talking after his shot on 15 that he didn't have anymore water to contend with on the course because the water on 16 doesn't come into play.

The bottom line is you have to accept the fact that a first time potential major winner is going to have some slip-ups in the home holes. Like I said earlier, that is the benefit in building such a large lead. Congrats again to Trevor.

Photo Credit: Fred Vuich/SI

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John said...

The important thing is that Sergio Garcia missed the cut and Fat Phil lost. As long as those two things keep happening I will be a happy golf nerd.

Though I was a little sad that Boom Boom missed the cut.

Not denigrating Immelman's accomplishment in any way - it was tough major slog and he totally deserves congratulating - but two questions:

1) When was the last time someone shot 75 on Sunday to win a major?

2) If even half of the birdie putts that Tiger missed by LESS THAN SIX INCHES Saturday and Sunday go in, how much does Tiger win by? It's not like he was lagging those putts to two feet, they were buzzing the tower like Maverick, every single one, it seemed like.