Friday, April 11, 2008

Well Hello Mr. Mickelson, Good to See You Again

Two things that surprised me about Phil Mickelson yesterday.

One - When did Phil start getting so lucky? That putt-thingy on the first hole had bogey or double written all over it and the damn things smacks the flag stick and drops in for a three. Also, his ball not going into the creek on 13 is one of those things that don't happen for your average golfer.

Two - He looked good. I hate all this "Phil has been working out" stuff that announcers have used for two years, but he really is starting to look fit. Also, that is the first time I've ever typed "fit."

Anyway, Scmickey is three-under today and is currently tied for fourth at four-under. He has yet to make a bogey and obviously has birdie opportunities on 13 and 15. We might just see this guy at the top by the end of the day. Or he could make a ton of bogeys and miss the cut. That's a possibility as well.

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Todd said...

I was at the tournament yesterday, and I can confirm that Phil is very much in shape now. He's not soft at all like he used to be. In fact, one of the things I realized was at least 75% of those guys actually look like real athletes instead of just an average golfer.