Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When Some Columnists Just Don't Get It

I know what most people think of Jay Mariotti and I don't blame them - he is loud, uniformed and usually wrong, but he does have a column in one of the largest newspaper in the nation and gets to talk on ESPN, most journalists early childhood dream.

What he doesn't have is sense - especially when talking about Tiger's comments on the potential for a "Grand Slam" earlier this year.

Tiger Woods said it was within reach, and anyone that knows golf and knows Tiger Woods shrugged and agreed. The guy had won four majors in a row before, he was on a streak unknown to any living golfer and was just being honest. Seriously, as a guy that follows Tiger fairly closely, when does he just spat out random predictions? He knows how hard it is to win one major but he also knows how damn good he is. If anyone in the world could do something like that in sports, it would be El Tigre.

Anyway, I pretty much disagree with everything Mariotti says in this column and I'd bet Phil Mickelson money that I know more about golf than he does. First, he calls it the "Grand Sham" which would be funny if readers didn't have eyes or ears. Second, he claims that "legends" never make claims, even though Joe Namath made one of the most famous ones ever, and I think he was pretty good at football. Third, TIGER FINISHED IN SECOND PLACE!!!! Why is everyone forgetting this? Out of all the best golfers in the entire world, Tiger Woods finished in second place. To put this in perspective, if he wins two more majors this season and even missed the cut at the other one, it would be one of the top four best major championship seasons in professional golf history.

Anyway, I hate to be one of those guys that harp on other journalists because I'm jealous, but I thought what Mariotti wrote was pretty far off and a childish, weak attempt at slamming someone for something he really thought could happen. Isn't Tiger the best athlete we have right now? Can't Mariotti go back to taking cheap shots at some of the Chicago teams?


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