Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Five People that Won't Win this Week at Colonial

I've decided in golf, it's too damn hard to pick winners. You have all these guys and have to pick one to have a great week with some solid breaks and a little help from his competitors. With that said, I'm introducing my "Five Players that Won't Win This Week" section that I'll try to knock out on Tuesdays.

5. Chris DiMarco - Even though he seems like an authentic prick, DiMarco used to have some game and tends to play well in B-level tournaments. One he hasn't played well in - the Colonial. The Claw has only made the cut three times and has never finished better than 40th. Also, if you didn't already know this, he's a prick.

4. Bubba Watson - Oh come on, it's not that easy of a pick. I love Bubba Watson, think he's pretty goofy and is fun to watch and hits the ball a country mile, I just don't think he can win at a ball-shaping course like Colonial. His only start in Fort Worth he shot 65 the first round and followed it with a 77 to miss the cut. As Joe Morgan would say, consistent.

3. Kenny Perry - What a risky choice, you say? Yes, I know he finished second last week and yes, I know he's won twice on this golf course and finished runner-up another time. I'm aware he enjoys Colonial like celebrities enjoy commando, but that playoff loss last week is a tough one to bounce back from. I'm say, NO win for Kenny.

2. Geoff Ogilvy - Honest question - have you ever seen a Kangaroo in Texas? Exactly.

1. Anthony Kim - Have you noticed that the further down the list I've gone, the riskier I've become? I think Anthony Kim might be the third most talented golfer on tour, but don't think he wins again until the end of the year. Belt buckle-less people all around the nation rejoice together.


Mike said...

What's that the elephant at the Ft. Worth Zoo or some symbolic golf reference?

Shane B. said...

the zoo...across the street from the colonial.

Anonymous said...

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