Friday, May 9, 2008

"The Golf Channel" is Really Stretching

In case you haven't been tuning in to "The Golf Channel" (+1 to you) you're missing out on this new "stat" they are keeping.

For some odd and unknown reason to just about everyone, last night TGC had something called the "Autograph Zone" or "Autograph Corner" or something really stupid that has players with real stats and is finalized with how many autographs said golfer had knocked out during the day.

A few questions:

-Does TGC do so well that it can afford to pay* an intern someone to follow around golfers after their round and log how many fucking flags they signed? I know oil and gas is doing well, but TGC?

-How is Sharpie not sponsoring this "idea"?

-Honestly, if you were the guy that had to follow Phil Mickelson around and log how many autographs, wouldn't you just lie? Does it have ANYTHING to do with anything? "Oh yeah, I saw Phil sign a couple of shirts, lets mark him down at about 119 for the day." I am convinced there isn't a single person in the world that would take this assignment from an editor and not just flub his numbers.

Also, during the "telecast" of this, the "announcers" were gushing about Mickelson, talking about how he "always takes time out for his fans" and more boring stuff that shouldn't matter when talking about golf. Mickelson could be the biggest asshole in the world, throwing his three-iron at children after a bad shot and writing "If My Signature is Worth Waiting Half and Hour You Need to Re-evaluate everything" to people and he would still hit the ball well and make putts.

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The Coach is Killing Me! said...

What do you mean, "Mickelson could be the biggest asshole in the world?"