Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Case Young People Forgot, Old People Had it a Lot Tougher

You know, making an "A" in a class or hitting a home run these days is pretty cool, but not even worth a clap from your grandparents or their grandparents. When they did that stuff back in their respective days, it was immmmmpressive.

Peter Alliss thinks young golfers are wimps, and isn't scared to let them know.

When golfers, including Nick Dougherty, complained about the green conditions in this week's BMW Championship, Alliss called them "bloody delicate." (ouch)

"I'm not here to do anything but to say what's going on and they didn't play well. I know precisely how hard it is. I won 21 tournaments and played in eight Ryder Cups. Everyone's so bloody delicate now. They control spin, they control adrenalin. I've never heard so much twaddle. I always say golfers of 100 years ago were 10 times more skilful than this lot or me and my lot...

They had hickory clubs, the bunkers weren't raked, there were sheep on the course and a fellow cut the greens with a scythe. Yet still they went round St Andrews in 73 or 74."

So, to review :

-Every blogger known to man lives in his basement, is old and smells bad, never has anything positive to say and knows NOTHING about sports (but loves dick jokes).

-Golfers are gay.

-Young people live a life of chocolate covered strawberries, chilled champagne and wimpy, manicured golf courses that are as easy as this.

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