Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vijay Singh Really Likes Quail Hollow

There are people in this world that enjoy some things more than others.

George W. Bush enjoys baseball over other sports, Tiger Woods enjoys trophies over, um, not trophies(?), and Vijay Singh enjoys Quail Hollow, the site of the Wachovia Championship this week.

Papa Fiji has never finished out of the top-10, and is in that driver seat right now to notch another one as he is buffing out the dents to a first round four-under.

Singh is tied with Jason Bohn and David Toms (2003 winner) Phil Mickelson lurking (great golf word) a shot back.

Vijay Singh is like the Raphael Nadal of golf, minus the muscles and tendency to wear sleeveless shirts.

1 comment:

John said...

"Tiger Woods enjoys trophies over, um, not trophies(?)"

Less than trophies?