Thursday, May 1, 2008

Your Daily John Daly Update

It's later in the day, so nothing can really get you up for the remainder of the day like a John Daly update. (You know, other than the news that Red Bull is coming out with a Cola - so pumped.)

I'm not totally familiar with the European Tour dress codes, but I'm assuming Mr. Daly had to wear a shirt today in his first round of the Open de Espana in Seville, Spain.

Daly shot a three-over 75 to sit in a great tie at 115th position after uno day.

Another interesting fact about Seville - if you say "Gracias" to people, you have to actually lisp the word, kinda like how Texans say "pELLow" or Bostonians call it a "pAAAwk." See, we're so traveled here in these parts.

Mr. Daly's round, broken down:

Four Birdies
Eight pars
Five Bogeys
One Double Bogey

John Daly - Mr. Consistency.

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Txfan649 said...

Just checking on those logos on Daly's shirt: I see Hooters, 84 Lumber, but what are the other 2?