Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiger is Better at Golf than Any Six of Your Friends (Combined)

It really has become a sickening act with Tiger Woods and a golf ball. He can move it like a Jedi Knight, spin it like a witch and boom it like a body-builder.

Not only can he do all that, but he does it with such perfection it is truly poetry in sports motion.

I wrote some things over at Fanhouse, including a a quick recap right after the playoff yesterday and a list of winners and losers from U.S. Open week I put together last night.

It was a damn special week and anyone that even just likes golf dresses enjoyed the battle between Rocco Mediate and Woods. If the British is anything like that, I might have to start taking heart medication.


John said...

He finished second at the Masters and won the US Open with ONE LEG.

I am afraid of what will happen when he has two.

Doug said...

heart medication? really like thats a bad thing?