Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Will Kenny Perry Win Again?

Kenny Perry has been on a little bit of a tear the past few weeks, and is focusing all of his attention on visors and making the Ryder Cup.

You can't blame him though - he's 47-years-old and has only made one Ryder Cup team, going 0-2 in that 2004 massacre.

Since he announced his intention to skip U.S. Open qualifying to play this week at the St. Jude and the weeks after Torrey Pines, he's become a more noble person to me.

Sure, every golfer worth his weight in Big Berthas has wanted to take home a major championship, but Perry is a little older and has one goal in mind - making the American team.

This week he has to be a favorite. He's riding a wave of momentum, he's hitting the ball really damn well and when he wins, he wins tournaments like this.

If you aren't proud of a guy like Perry deciding that his goal was the right goal and going with it, you might not totally understand the importance of representing your country. He has a chance to be on a Ryder Cup team in his home state - I couldn't think of anything sweeter.


The Armchair Golfer said...

Gotta love it when an old guy takes the young guns at a top venue like the Memorial. With three Memorials now -- it's what? -- 30% of his total wins. Still, there aren't many guys on tour who have double-digit wins when you think about it.

I don't know if Kenny has one more regular tour win in him, but it does look like he has a Ryder Cup. I'm happy for him.

Todd said...

I appreciate his goal of playing for his country, but I don't see how this is benefitting him. Aren't there way more Ryder Cup points awarded in the Majors? So, he's blowing off the U.S. open for the Memphis tournament b/c he's conceding he's got a better chance at finishing well. This is in spite of the increased points at the major, and the fact that Azinger is not going to be very impressed at skipping a major if it comes down to a captain's pick. How does this make sense?

Shane B. said...

Yeah, more points are awarded, but I think it's the whole "having to try and qualify on a monday when you could play in a tournament you could possibly win" thing. Grind it out to qualify at something you might not, with no practice round? Seems pretty miserable (And he hates Torrey Pines).