Sunday, July 20, 2008

Greg Norman, Just Go Do This

I'm sorry, it's 2:06 AM in Denver, Colorado and all I can think about is this British Open.

Can Greg Norman do this? Honestly, nobody knows, but I promise you that one guy will be rooting as hard as ever.

Greg, you're doing such a good job right now, keep it up and we're all gonna be cheering hard. You're that guy that everyone seems to enjoy, keep it up. Just one more day.....

Photo courtesy of ADRIAN DENNIS, AFP

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Niel said...

Ernie Johnson just tried to say "leaderboard" and instead said liquor-. Also, TNT continued its strong coverage by showing four live shots during the first 20 minutes of the broadcast. And one of them shouldn't even count because they showed Michael Campbell leaving a 20 foot birdie putt 5 feet short.

And yes, i stayed up til 3:45 am to watch this.

/should have followed your advice about the TNT coverage

//punches self to sleep