Thursday, July 24, 2008

John Daly Broke Par Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In news that is news because it's news, John Daly broke par today at the Russian Open, a tournament that for some reason makes me think of "The Saint" more than it does golf.

Daly is five shots back of Swede Joakim Backstrom, who actually recorded the rare albatross (or double-eagle) on the 561-yard par-5 15th.

"It was a four iron from 233 yards," Backstrom said after two bogeys and four more birdies completed a round of 65, seven under par.

Big John finished in a tie for last place at the Open Championship, so anything around par these days is pretty good.

The always entertaining Ryan Wilson has a report on Daly's "injured" hand and how he's risking it all to win the what tour is this even on? prestigious Russian Open.

I had a buddy of mine get tipped in Russian rubles once while caddying over at St. Andrews, and let me tell you, they sound a lot more expensive than they really are.


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