Monday, July 21, 2008

Michelle Wie Will Play (Again) on the PGA Tour

I like women a lot*. I think they're great for our world and do amazing things*. Hillary Clinton*! Martha Burke*! My mom.

What I am not a fan of is playing sports against girls. No, it isn't because I'm scared they will beat me, I pride myself in being decently athletic (for a blogger) and feel I can play stupid bar games like pool and darts as good as the next woman.

The reason is because they might not win 49 out of 50 times, but the time they do, they talk about it like they cured cancer or figured out how Nickelback is famous.

I'm all for Michelle Wie trying to qualify for these PGA Tour events if she has a chance. Annika Sorenstam at Colonial? I was thrilled. Michelle Wie when she used to be good, at the Sony? All for it, I'll even watch. Suzy Whaley when she qualified for the Great Hartford Open? She earned it.

I just think when your time has passed, you get out of line. Wie has never qualified for a PGA Tour event and with her recent play on the LPGA Tour, she probably needs to focus on succeeding there. If she keeps doing this, she is going to eventually make a cut with the men because she's pretty good and will catch fire one weekend. It will be a monumental moment and will overshadow all the failure she's endured with the dudes.

Personally, I would rather see the first lady to qualify for a men's event be someone that doesn't try three times a year. I think that would make it more special. I think that would be worth talking about.

* = possible sarcasm

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John said...

Shouldn't she stick to actually FINISHING events on the LPGA before we talk about the Tour?