Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some Beautiful LPGA Girl Answered Questions

You know the difference in women that aren't great professional athletes and guys that aren't professional athletes? If you're a bad chick at the sport, you can still be famous if you're hot.

Anna Rawson is falling gently in that mold, making just two of nine cuts on the LPGA this season. It doesn't matter though because she's smoking and can just model if she sucks. Oh wait, she already models? Awesome.,

In an interview today with oobgolf, Rawson was asked a question concerning both.

oob: For what it would mean to your career and everything else would you rather be on the SI swimsuit cover or win an LPGA event?
Rawson: Win an LPGA event for sure. The swimsuit cover would be nice too. To even be in the SI swimsuit edition would be fun because it's the only really legitimate swimsuit modeling you can do without being criticized.

Winning the Masters of being an extra in a porn? Shit, you can have that green jacket.

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