Sunday, August 10, 2008

Can A Guy Wearing Detroit Lions Gear Really Win his Second Major?

Most people harp on the fact that guys that have won major championships can fall back on that "experience" when faced with similar situations.

This can't be said about Ben Curtis. In 2003, at the Open Championship, Curtis had one "moment" putt, on 18, and cashed it, but it was Thomas Bjorn who handed the Claret Jug to Curtis.

Now, the guy rocking the NFL gear is trying to do what Payne Stewart did while rocking NFL gear in 1989 - win the Wanamaker Trophy.

A buddy of mine made a great point though. As much as fitness is talked about, these are the moments it is a real factor on the links. A guy like Curtis, who doesn't look like he's going to be posing for the Swimsuit issue anytime soon, is having to play 36 holes in one day against a guy like Sergio Garcia, who looks as fit as he ever has. I guess all those Michelob Ultras are finally paying themselves back.

Photo courtesy of AFP/Getty Images


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