Saturday, August 9, 2008

Everyone Loves Oakland Hills

Ever had that girl that you couldn't stand? You hated her smile, her laugh, the way she talked to people and even how she walked but you'd still call her on off nights when you KNEW you shouldn't?

Yeah, that is what Oakland Hills has become. Hosting it's first major since 1996, the touring pros aren't too high on the course, but golf will be played tomorrow, so what do you do? You call her.

I don't think it's fair," said Ken Duke, who shot 73 Friday. "I tell you what, the greens were firming up a lot. They have got to do something to get some water on them."

"The greens are a joke," Steve Flesch said after scrambling for an even-par 70, one of the best rounds of the day. "And the raking — the thing that bothers me the most, honestly, is that they're raking the rough toward us on the tee."

Yeah, it hasn't been solid feedback thus far at the PGA Championship and it isn't going to get any better with golfers most likely having to stay an extra day around the course.

With play suspended, it will be tough for everyone to get in their round tomorrow, making for one of those exciting Monday finishes, only without Rocco Mediate or Tiger Woods.

Oh, and Phil Mickelson? He hates Oakland Hills as well.

"I thought this year's U.S. Open setup was great," Mickelson said.

And what about this week's setup?

"Not so much, yeah, not so much," the world No. 2 replied before refusing to go into details. "I've got to play this thing two more times and I don't really want to go into whether or not it's fair or what have you. Everybody's got to play it."

That's like the story of Ernie Els, who won his first U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club, a beast itself. After his win in 1994, Oakmont offered him a membership of sorts, telling him he had the option of playing it whenever he wanted. Asked last year if he ever took them up on the offer, he said once, with some buddies that wanted to play. Other than that, he decided to pass.


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