Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Gatorade A Day Makes The Knee Pain Go Away

Like death and taxes, when I become a tad ill, I bypass the doctor, never am stumbling up and down aisles at Walgreens and absolutely will not swallow a pill. Nope, I'm on a strict Gatorade Diet, and will feel like George Clooney on a day that ends in "Y" by morning.

This is Tiger Woods, on the Scott Van Pelt show, explaining why sponsors really, really, really like having him on their team.

"(Gatorade is) helping me find things that will enable me to heal faster – soft tissue and different types of flavors and drinks that I should be drinking to help speed up recovery after my workouts and pre-workouts. ... Before it was just all on-course stuff with the three flavors I was playing, but now it’s different. Now we’re into recovery drinks, so I think it’s helped me a lot."

Roll your eyes all you want, but I think he's got something here. Like Nyquil to Lewis Black, this stuff will do it for you. My potion is a little of the blue mixed with a little of tha yella.


Unknown said...

It is true. Lack of potassium can trigger knee pain. Gatorade replenishes potassium iodides on the body. My podiatrists explained that.

heel pain treatment said...

That Gatorade variant is quite strong. Runners and those who are undergoing foot pain drinks that to help them recover.