Friday, August 1, 2008

In Shocking Events, Michelle Wie Will Not Be Making it to the Weekend

I've always agreed with those critics that thought it was incredible that someone's goal might be to just make the cut. Most of the time, in any sport you're competing in, winning is the only feasible option. You aren't going out in a basketball game hoping to just lose by five or six points. Never is a tennis player hoping to win a single set off his opponent. You play to win, period.

Wie's approach in what will now be her eighth straight missed cut on the PGA Tour has been to make a check, get to the weekend, show she "belongs," whatever that means.

To belong you have to be relevant and Wie hasn't been close since her first chance at the Sony Open in 2004 where she missed the cut by a shot.

Now, Wie is like a lot of us on the course, lost with what she's doing. Decisions, golf swing, putting stroke, it can all be criticized by now. Making the turn today, Wie was two-over for the tournament and needed to finish with at least two birdies.

The par-5 third hole, her 12th, gave her a great chance at birdie, but Wie, in what can only be considered typical at this point, made a double-bogey and all hopes were lost.

Like John Daly, Wie's story is becoming a sad one. You almost hope something good happens to her in the coming months because she's at such a fragile point in her life that she might not be able to recover if the climb continues this steep.

Photo courtesy of KAZUHIRO NOGI, AFP/Getty


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