Friday, August 15, 2008

Michelle Wie Better Send Her Money in For Q-School

As I pointed out on Wednesday, Michelle Wie and her impeccable ability to make the right decision had to finish no worse than second at this week's Women's Canadian Open to avoid Q-School for the ladies.

After an opening round 75, it appears she is well on her way to sending in that check.

Lets be honest, nobody thought she'd do this. Wie has had a horrible 2008 and after shooting an 80 in the second round of the PGA Tour's Reno-Tahoe Open, her year was defined.

She said before the tournament started that concerning Q-school, "I'm not going to think about the future right now."

Right on the cut line right now in Canada, it's time for her to make a decision. We all know she isn't going to the Futures Tour, so Q-School seems her most logical and sensible decision. It will give her the opportunity to belong on the LPGA instead of being the cold soar she's become to most of her peers.

That or she could just say fuck it. You know, whatever.

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Niel said...

She has a firm grip on that shaft...

And where is that third hand growing from?