Friday, August 15, 2008

No, Golf Shouldn't be An Olympic Sport

I'm all for change. I love it. Sometimes, just to change things up, I'll wear a thong to work, just to feel the connectivity my boys have with each other. You know, the whole "being different thing."

That said, I'm not in love with this "golf in the Olympics" idea and think it's worth addressing.

The Olympic Committee have added various sports throughout the years, mainly because it gives athletes the ability to compete against the best in the world on an enormous stage. It's the Super Bowl, only much bigger and a more expanded audience.

The problem with golf is, we already have that. The Americans, our wonderful country that most want to beat like the dickens, have a competitions against the best in the world every year. Unlike the Davis Cup, which seems to never end (and I'm not tennis expert so I'm probably wrong), the Ryder Cup is a passionate event that has become something countries keep their eyes on. It's important, just like the President's Cup has started to become.

Golf has the opportunity to do this every single year. Unlike the days when it was just Europe vs. America, we have an event now that gives anyone a chance to play in. While I find it ridiculous that we as Americans can have our OWN team while others countries have to consolidate, it's how it is and probably is the best for competition. Adding golf to the Olympic rotation would just be another marquee team or individual event when we already have, at minimum, five a year (four majors and the Cup).

While I find it pointless, I think the only way to make it interesting at all is to do it gymnastic style, and have different skill events. That isn't really "golf" because you're harping on the "Skill Challenge" mentality and not the final scores, but you'd at least be given the opportunity to watch Sergio Garcia sweat an iron shot to win the "Closest to the Pin" portion.

Other than that, I find it a touch of a yawn and even more of an overkill to the sport.

Golf is doing fine with what its got. Leave it be until it needs a boost.


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