Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sergio Garcia's Game is Like Tom Watsons, Kinda?

Like most American golf fans, I don't sit around cheering for Sergio Garcia. It isn't like he's done anything wrong besides spitting in a cup, complaining about a guy that raked the bunkers, complained about not getting breaks, was annoying at the Ryder Cup, drinks Michelob Ultra in his career, we just tend not to relate to the guy.

That is why the recent comments by Mr. 1986, Jack Nicklaus, are very true and very, very American.

"Sergio is a good player, but how do you continue to do what he does? Watson did it, but Watson did it at a young age—two U.S. Opens and a PGA, or two PGAs and a U.S. Open." (He was referring to tournaments Watson could have won but didn't.) Nicklaus continued:

"But Watson learned from that. I should put this in a positive way. Watson was an awfully good putter, and Sergio, it seems to be his nemesis. When you’re a really good putter like Harrington is, you can make up for some errant shots. Gary Player used to have a terrible time finishing off tournaments, but his short game was so great, and he was such a good putter, it didn’t look like he was having trouble finishing it off, because he didn’t give it away. He was always able to find a way to get the ball in the hole and get it done, and that’s what a lot of guys do, what Harrington does, and I did it on a lot of occasions. A lot of places I one-putted five of the last six or seven greens to make sure I stayed in the tournament and got there, and won.

"You know, Watson did it; Sergio has not been able to do it. He is very, very talented. When he learns to do that—if and when he learns that, and I don’t know whether he will or not--he will get to that level."

As much as this should be a jab, it really is just fact. Sergio can't putt, he can't finish tournaments and he has yet to show either will turn around. He has had the opportunity to win a ton of major championships, and has as many as you, me and my ipod at this point.

This could be a big deal, but it's really just Jack saying what everyone else thinks. Sergio will need to do some Serious growing up before he can ever consider closing a tournament of that nature on the 72nd hole.



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